Zicky Dice reveals his choices for a rock band made up of wrestlers

Photo credit: Zicky Dice

Can you imagine a group made up only of professional wrestlers? Zicky dice can.

IMPACT Wresting’s Zicky Dice was a recent guest at Love Wrestling to discuss a wide variety of topics. When asked to form a group of only professional wrestlers, Dice (aka Nick Zoppo from rock band Heart To Heart) had a lot of great ideas:

“Now there are a few people I know who jam,” Zicky Dice revealed. “Rich Swann plays a mean guitar. Chris Bey plays the guitar. Brody King is in a hardcore group. Mandrews plays in a pop-punk group. Oh man, who would I have in this band? Chris Dickinson plays the drums! I’m trying to see – do I know any wrestling bass players? I feel like these are the first that come to mind, because like everything I do, I want it to be the best, so even though someone can be pretty and may think that he can sing, i’d rather have someone i know who can. I do not know. I know I’ve heard people sing too, and I’m clearing it now. “

When asked if he’d fit in with the group, Dice didn’t even hesitate to confirm that he wanted to be a part of it:

“Of course I would be in the group! Zicky Dice exclaimed. “Of course, yes, I would be there! I’ve been talking about forming another band for a while and I would love to play an instrument and sing back up. I like having it as a female group. Like the Cranberries-ish kind of sounds, you know? We will see what happens there. I also talked about doing a solo project for a little while and releasing some Zicky Dice music. So we’ll see what happens there.

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