Where will some of the Texas Rangers’ top prospects start this season?

MLB announced Tuesday that the 2022 Opening Day has been canceled due to the ongoing lockdown over a new collective bargaining agreement. However, the lockout did not affect the Texas Rangers’ hopes, as Minor League teams were allowed to start on time.

This is where I think some of the best prospects in the Texas Rangers organization will start their season.

Where could some of the Texas Rangers’ top prospects start the 2022 season?

Cole Win

AAA Round Rock Express

Cole Winn has been pretty impressive so far in practice this spring according to Texas Rangers reporters in Arizona. After posting a 3.38 ERA after being called up to Round Rock, he has room to improve and can do so at Round Rock.

However, if he pitches the lights with Round Rock by the time MLB has reached an agreement, he will most likely pitch at Arlington.

Sam Huff

AAA Round Rock Express

The reason I think Sam Huff will end up with the Round Rock Express is because the Rangers already have some great seekers. Jonah Heim and Jose Trevino will most likely end up on the main roster once MLB gets its stuff together.

Might as well keep him growing at Round Rock until Rangers leave Trevino or Heim rather than sit on the bench.

Jack Leiter

AA Frisco RoughRiders

The Texas Rangers didn’t hesitate to submit his name with the 3rd pick of the 2021 MLB Draft. If you’ve seen his highlights from Vanderbilt, you know the Rangers have seen the magnitude of the potential he will have in the leagues. majors.

He is currently Rangers’ No. 1 prospect and Rangers will likely keep him close to Arlington to keep tabs on his progress in his first minor league season. You never know if they might need a pitcher to make a quick trip to Arlington to replace an injured pitcher.

Aaron Zavala

AA Frisco RoughRiders

It’s my “dark horse” hope that could accelerate his way to the 40-man roster within a few seasons. Last year he played with the Down East Wood Ducks and had a .400 slugging percentage. Rangers will most likely promote him to Frisco for a bigger challenge and see if it was for real last season.

Josh Jung

To be determined

I wanted to have a little fun at the end of the article to brighten everyone’s depressed mood from Tuesday. In all honesty, he won’t even play in the minors unless it’s a rehab assignment.

Rangers fans saw some of his homers from last year in Frisco, and they showed it would be a waste of time to keep him in the minors. Nolan Writin’ contributor Chris Giles predicted he would have made his Texas Rangers debut later this year before the injury happened.

While we may not see Corey Seager and the other “big fish” free agents for a while, we at least have minor league baseball to watch and follow. It’s better than having no baseball at all in my opinion. We might as well take advantage of the players Rangers will have in the future.

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