Warzone ‘Last Hours Of Verdansk’: When does it start?

Want to know when the Last Hours Of Verdansk event starts? After months of endless teasing and theories, a brand new Warzone map is almost here. The new Caldera card launches on Wednesday 8 December, alongside a new image of the battle royale as it morphs into Warzone Pacific Season 1 and incorporates all new Vanguard guns, operators and benefits. The new map is sure to get everyone excited, but it also brings some sad news. After countless memories spread over almost two years, Verdansk says goodbye. Pour one for everyone in Verdansk, because it’s finally being destroyed.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the Last Hours Of Verdansk event, including when it starts in your time zone and how to get involved in the grand finale.

When does the Last Hours Of Verdansk event start?

According to Warzone Trello public board, the Last Hours Of Verdansk event will start in 10:00 a.m. PST Monday, December 6, it’s

  • US West Coast: 10:00 a.m. PST (December 6)
  • US East Coast: 1:00 p.m. EST (December 6)
  • UK: 6:00 p.m. GMT (December 6)

It will definitely be a popular event, so you may have to line up to witness the end of Verdansk. This also happened when Warzone presented Verdansk 84 earlier this year. The Last Hours of Verdansk event will last approximately 11 hours.

How to participate in the Last Hours of Verdansk

We would expect the Last Hours Of Verdansk to have their own playlist, as is usually the case with Warzone events. As mentioned above, you may have to queue to access the playlist, as the whole of Warzone will be eager to see the end of Verdansk.

The Last Hours of Verdansk playlist will put you right into a special mode that will allow you to witness the end of Verdansk without having to worry about getting slaughtered by your opponents.

At the end of the event, we should expect Warzone to resume normal operations until the following times when server maintenance will begin:

  • US West Coast: 9:00 p.m. PST (December 7)
  • US East Coast: 12:00 AM EST (December 8)
  • UK: 5:00 a.m. GMT (December 8)

The servers will remain offline for 12 hours, after which they will come back online. Vanguard players will then have 24 hour early access to the new Caldera map, while other Warzone players who do not own Vanguard will be able to play Rebirth. Caldera will then open for all Warzone players on December 9.

Warzone Last Hours Of Verdansk: what to expect?

Even now, The Last Hours Of Verdansk event seems like a well-kept secret. We’ve had very little information from the Warzone squad other than a short slogan: “Bombs far away – see what happens in Verdansk before Warzone darkens to prepare for Caldera and the season. a.”

“Bombs Away” definitely seems to allude to the destruction of Verdansk, which we already saw in the infamous nuclear event earlier this year (before things got too quick and we went back to the 80s). Of course, we should also see some story clips that point us to the Caldera map, which is the new Warzone map where Vanguard Pacific Season 1 will begin.

That’s all you need to know about the Last Hours of Verdansk event in Warzone. If you want to enjoy your last matches in Verdansk in style, be sure to check out our list of the best Warzone loadouts so that you can secure some final victories in Verdansk. These loadouts use some of Warzone’s best assault rifles and best SMGs to help you kill easily. What more could one ask for as we jointly consider the new Caldera map? Now get out there and enjoy your last victories in Verdansk.

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