Trueno posted “Right or Wrong: You Start Protesting Then Celebrating”

Thunder sits in a comfortable chair in the center of a room. Outside, his work team follows in detail the release of his second album Good or bad. There are preparations for what will be a party among friends and colleagues. A few blocks away, on 9 de Julio, everything is in chaos because of the federal march of the piquetero.

A terrace with images of the rapper’s cover, a small bar, a DJ and a view of the La Boca district, the singer’s birthplace. Thunder get ready for some notes, to go out and cash in on these new 13 songs that reflect the great moment that lives both in Argentina and in the world.

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For more than two years, Thunder – Mateo Palacios Corazzina – met every day with his team to prepare his new album. “Trueno is a project made up of many people. This is the work to which we devote the most time. The concept is to honor Latin American music, specifically that of the South, and more particularly in Argentina”, he summarized for viola on Good or bad.

Manifesto style, against injustice, repression and inequality

“Argentina has a lot to say, the politicians order, the streets speak, the people protest. We young people are the ones with the upper hand, we are the soldiers in this war against injustice, repression and inequality,” the song begins. A sharp, punctual rhyme, where he leans on the sensitivity of his generation.

“Codes on the walls of the neighborhoods, on the boxes which are also leaves, on the garbage which is also food, on the bloodstains on the sidewalk which today are only dry tears” loose Thunder in another of the verses from “Manifiesto freestyle”.

The singer maintains that it was essential to share this song first. Both in its lyrics and in its style, it reflects the concept of Good or Bad. “His departure was decisive. This manifesto is in the middle of the two parts. the “bad” represents a bit of protest, non-censorship and all we need to say. It represents the concept of mobilization, of fighting for something that bothers you or the need to bring a message. Mobilize and fight. the side of the ‘good’ is the outcome of this fight and the party.

Throughout the songs, the artist shows his own vision of the current world, critical and inspiring, revisiting the past and looking to the future with only 20 years of life. If your beginnings Bold was his letter of introduction, from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Boca to Argentina, this second work is an amplifier of his message of generational empowerment on a global scale. It was recorded with real instruments and with the participation of a large and talented team of musicians, producers, fellow songwriters and guest artists.

In Good or bad Other successful advancements appear that have been released since mid-2021. “Panamá” with Duki (Gold in Argentina, Spain and Uruguay), “Solo por vos” (Gold in Argentina and Uruguay), “Feel Me??” (Platinum in Argentina, Spain and Uruguay; Gold in Chile), “Dance Crip” (Platinum in Argentina, Spain and Uruguay; Gold in Chile and Mexico) and “Jungle” with Randy & Bizarrap.

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rap as denunciation

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, rap is a “Afro-American musical style in which, with a syncopated rhythm, the provocative lyrics are more recited than sung”. Over the years, this genre has distinguished itself by his words often improvised, where he describes different situations as injustices.

“To see her respect for all musical genresI understand that rap was the medium in the most protest-based music and uncensored. It was accompanied by rock and jazz from the United States, more specifically from New York and its surroundings, ”describes Trueno.

And he adds: “We are influenced by all this and we adapt it as Latin Americans and Argentines. We make it ours. We want young people to feel that we are all on the same page. Today they are mobilizing on Avenida 9 de Julio where young people who make radio independently, the idea we have is to encourage them”.

“Tierra Zanta”, one of the cuts with Víctor Heredia

This is the key piece that accompanied the release of Bien o mal. For the artist, it is a good example of the spirit that runs through all matter. Includes: the voices of emblematic artists of Argentine folklore such as Victor Heredia and La Charo; the sampling of “Sulkyby Gustavo Cerati; producer Brian Taylor reinterpreting on guitar a classic by Facundo Cabral (“I’m not from here, nor from there”); and the sound of thunder declaring “Latin America does not cry, it sings”.

“The album has all the essence of hip hop. It’s in our blood. Always carrying the voice and speaking for the people and by young people, with the connection with previous spokespersons, with troubadours like Víctor Heredia who is a legend of Argentine folklore. It is an incredible opportunity and I am more than grateful that it is part of the song, one of the most important of the album”, defined the participation of Víctor Heredia.

On the concept of the album, the musician describes a certain duality. A kind of Yin and Yang. people ask me I put the bad first and then the good. For me, it starts with protesting and then celebrating. If you do it the other way, you win nothing.

The influences of thunder

“Argentine rap has always been there,” he says. “Rap has always been difficult in Latin America where rock or cumbia shone, the Argentinian hip hop union was the first Grammy nominees, we had the IKV, with albums like Leche, Jazzy Mel, plus la Argentinian music in general which also carries a very similar message to ours.

On his intimate side, the singer describes himself as a person who is not very extroverted and does not go out much. “I prefer to take advantage of the time we’re not working to be with my girlfriend, visit my mom in the neighborhood, barbecue with the kids and enjoy everything we do.”

It is one of the advances of his second album.

His relationship with other referents of the genre

In recent years, the local trap and rap scene has reached other countries with great force. This group of talented young people propelled national music to prominence.

“What makes the Argentinian scene massive and powerful around the world is that we are the same guys who in 2015 were in a square with freestyle. Everyone has their message, but we support each other. We are not envious and we are together. It is important that artists come together to represent the country »analyzed the local panorama.

Trueno and his encounter with Gorillaz on stage

It was one of the highlights of day one of the recent edition of the latest Quilmes Rock. Damon Albarn, singer of Gorillaz, invited him to share his set for a few minutes in front of more than 50 thousand people.

It was to perform the classic “Clint Eastwood” together, which has a rapped part and the Argentinian did his thing in “freestyle” mode. “From Argentina we came to England. Because of a mic there are no more wars,” Thunder said center stage as Damon watched intently.

“It was amazing. I’m contemporary with those songs. When Gorillaz came out I was two years old. We all saw his worldwide boom. I went up to have fun with a freestyle and the next day I realized at how massive it was. It makes us feel that Argentine rap is going well. We’re doing it right,” he recalled of that special moment.

Thunder, Damon Albarn and their daughter (Photo: @missyalbarn).
Thunder, Damon Albarn and their daughter (Photo: @missyalbarn).

“I guess Damon’s daughter listened to my music and recommended me,” he added of this performance he won’t be able to forget.

Thunder on evil or good:

His passion for football

The conversation takes place at a few blocks from la Bombonera. A district painted in blue and yellow. “I really like football. I play almost every week in 7. I need to run a little more. I didn’t reach youth, but I played futsal. The colors are always present”, he says about his passion for the round.

Finally, Thunder makes a dream clear: “I would love to sing at La Bombonera. It would be a blessing. »

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