Treat yourself to an epic rock guitar with this ESP LTD EC-256 Christmas offer – under $ 300 at Guitar Center


Guitar Center has a good deal up for grabs right now on the ESP LTD EC-256, currently only $ 299; it’s $ 99 off the list price. With two meaty humbuckers and a slimmer form factor than most other Les Paul style electric guitars, the EC-256 is one of the best value rock guitars.

It also has a few cool tricks, including coil tapping, which makes it an extremely versatile guitar that can handle almost any genre you can think of. This is, as you might expect, a limited time offer, so take advantage of it before GC changes its mind and cranks up the price …

ESP LTD EC-256: Was $ 399, now $ 299, save $ 99
Two superb ESP humbuckers, a comfortable mahogany body and lots of potential for serious riffs; The ESP LTD EC-256 is a great guitar for rock and metal players on a budget, delivering that classic single-cut experience at a pretty incredible price. View Deal

While the combination of a single-cut mahogany body, two humbuckers, and a faded cherry sunburst isn’t new, it’s rare to find guitars in this price range that play and sound as good as the guitar. ‘ESP LTD EC-256. While it might seem like a more natural choice to go for an Epiphone Les Paul, for us, the smart money for players of heavier styles is to turn to the EC-256.

For starters, it’s geared more towards riffs and quick licks thanks to the slimmer body and flexible neck, which are great for increasing the speed of your playing. It’s tonal versatile as well, thanks to the master tone control. offering a spool tapping so you can get those sparkling uniquely cut tones if you need them. The natural weight and depth you get from solid mahogany is also offset by the maple top, so you get a bit of extra brightness in your sound as well.

The LTD EC-256 is ideal for beginners and intermediate players alike, and will be a sturdy ax you can depend on.


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