The voice of rock band The Shadows Of Knight’s Hit ‘Gloria’ was 75

Jimy Sohnsthe lead singer of The shadows of the knight rock band and the voice of its monster hit “Gloriadied at the age of 75 from complications of a stroke.

His death was announced on the band’s Instagram page and by his daughter.

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“Gloria” was originally recorded and performed by Van Morrison, but was popularized by Chicago’s The Shadows of Knight when it was released in December 1965. It was a Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

Sohns and a friend still ran the band’s social media pages for the past few years, although he no longer performs.

The band’s Instagram page expressed grief at his passing.

‘Devastated. Rest in peace my dear friend,” the caption read.

The Shadows of Knight began in 1964 with a 16 year old Sohns, Warren Rogers (lead guitar), Roger Spielmann (lead and rhythm guitar/vocals) Norm Gotsch (rhythm guitar), Wayne Pursell (bass) and Tom Schiffour (drums) . The original lineup was evolving over the next two years, as Joe Kelley (bass), Jerry McGeorge (guitar, vocals) and David ‘Hawk’ Wolinski (bass) would replace Pursell, Gotsch and Rogers.

The Shadows of Knight continued to have band members coming and going, and by mid-1967 Sohns was the only original member remaining. The group would record three studio albums in 1969, but were never able to regain major attention.

A remastered version of their first two albums was released in 1998, and the band also recorded several live albums, including a 50th anniversary reunion. The latest version of The Shadows of Knight was still on tour in 2016.

Sohns was inducted into the Chicago Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. No details about survivors beyond the girl who announced his death or her memorial plans were immediately available.

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