The 10 songs of the hardest rock bands, ranked


Although its popularity has waned over the past decade, in its heyday, Rock Band was the envy of many game companies for being one of the highest grossing games of its time. He had a simple concept of four instruments, vocals, guitar, bass, and drums, playing together to complete songs of varying difficulty.

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Like its bitter rival Guitar Hero, some of Rock Band’s songs are so harsh that they have been looked down upon by many of their fans. These songs are some of the toughest in games, songs that match the difficulty of Guitar Hero’s more difficult songs, and it might make you wonder how the original musicians even made the song in the first place.

Visions By Anomaly – Rock Band 2

Singer sings Visions as guitar notes descend from the screen

A death metal song that is a barrage of music nonstop until the end. Rock Band 2 manages to sum up the chaos of this song with quick notes and barely a place for a break with constant tempo changes to confuse you.

While every instrument struggles with this screaming party, the bass is the most difficult of all, as you wouldn’t expect the bass section to be so difficult. Always keep your guard with this one.

Train kept a rollin by Aerosmith – rock band

Guitar notes descend on screen as singer sings Train Kept A Rollin

Before Guitar Hero gave Aerosmith their own game, it was Rock Band that included this classic song from the legendary rock band. The song unexpectedly resumes in parts, causing more notes to attack the screen.

Joe Perry’s guitar flaws make the guitar the hardest instrument for this song, as the notes run your fingers across the controller. It’s a difficult song to master, especially when playing with HR turned on.

Run To The Hills par Iron Maiden – Rock band

Guitarist plays hard in Run To The Hills

A song that starts off pretty slow, you might think you’ll have an easy time with this 80s rock classic unless you know the song. The beat suddenly picks up and it’s only left at a normal beat for the duration of the song as Bruce Dickinson’s vocals light up your ears.

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The drummer however has the hardest part for this song as the notes quickly enter the screen right out of the door, having no time to rest at all.

Jerry Was A Race Car Driver By Primus – Rock Band 3

An Expert FC Bass Sneak Peek For Jerry Was A Racecar Driver

It’s a song that has been in several games. It’s not too bad for the most part, unless you’re the bassist for this song. In that case, be prepared for a bad time.

Bass takes center stage as the predominant instrument, as the getgo bass notes appear on screen at a rapid pace. Fucking it all up can cost your band the song, as most of the heavy lifting of the song falls on the bassist.

Bohemian Rhapsody By Queen – Rock Group 4

Three players (guitarist, bassist and drummer) play Bohemian Rhapsody as the singer tries his best to emulate Freddie Mercury

Another song where most of the heavy lifting is on one person, this time around the singer has to match the pitch and rhythm of Freddie Mercury’s legendary vocals almost perfectly. It starts off pretty easily until you get to the quick part of the song that was made famous in the Wayne’s World movie.

Not only is it fast for the singer, but it switches between bass and treble at extremely high rates. If you’re trying to sing this one, make sure you have a buddy on another instrument to help you out when you fall in battle.

Painkiller By Judas Priest – Rock Band 2

Painkiller played on drums on Expert difficulty

You will realize right away that the title of this song is ironic because it actually creates pain instead of healing it. It’s especially loud and clear to whoever ends up being the drummer in this song.

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The kick drum that serves as the kick drum is relentless in this song, and you may find yourself squeezing it almost non-stop with your leg. Expect both a sense of accomplishment and a finished workout when you finish this song.

The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails – Rock Band

Blue Notes Pour Out During The Perfect Drug's Guitar Performance

Originally included as downloadable content for The First Rock Band, those who bought this track probably wished they hadn’t seen how difficult it is. The song is more difficult when played on drums, which perfectly reflects its difficulty on real drums.

The song’s drums have a synth heavy approach that is reflected almost perfectly in Rock Band. Good for immersion but bad for the person who plays the drums on an expert. Its outro offers a little rest for the player despite the strangeness of its sound.

A quiet moment for Battery on guitar before things pick up quickly

Similar to Run To The Hills, the song starts out quite slowly and easily before suddenly shifting to the fast pace Metallica is best known for.

All instruments will struggle with this one, but the singer might have the toughest of everyone. This is due to the speed with which the words are spoken, which does not leave too much time to articulate well. Expect a bad time if you’re not careful.

Green Grass & High Tides by Outlaws – Rock Band

82 percent of the way through one of the many guitar solos in Green Grass and High Tides

This is a southern rock classic from the 1970s that is listed in the impossible guitar songs section in the game and for good reason. It starts off pretty easily but this melody is as deceptive as a siren’s voice.

But then that turns into a solo guitar show as the tempo picks up because there is little room for error, especially since you won’t get much support from others though. you play with friends. Oh yeah and the song is ten minutes long to add to the stamina factor.

Operation Ground & Pound by Dragonforce – Rock Band 4

The whole group participates in the speed and anarchy that is Operation Ground and Pound.

Dragonforce gave us the hardest Guitar Hero song, so it makes sense to give us the hardest rock band song as well. Everything Dragonforce is known for, fast tempo and insanely difficult guitar flaws is present in this song.

It’s seven minutes of pure agony for everyone, but it’s doubly good for the guitar as the notes spill onto the screen as you dart your fingers across the buttons in quick succession. Those who can understand this song may consider them to be the best of the best Rock Bands.

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