Taiwanese indie rock band Accusefive still excels at romance

May 18, indie-rock Accusefive group fall a new single called “Take Me With You”.

To say fans are thrilled would be putting it lightly: Not only is the song related hashtag on Weibo amassed 44 million views, but the music video on YouTube has also been viewed over 1 million times.

Hailing from the northeast of the island of Taiwan, Accusefive was founded by vocalist and guitarist Pan Yun-an, vocalist Tsai Hsin-lun and drummer Richard Lin in 2017.

In releasing “Take Me With You”, the band is sticking to what they know best. After all, the award-winning trio is synonymous with romantic ballads like “Somewhere in Time” and “Miss You Day and Night.”

Balancing pristine vocals, sentimental lyrics and sweet guitar riffs, “Take Me With You” taps into related themes such as nostalgia and first love.

A scene from the music video for “Take Me With You”

The music video’s storyline has resonated with netizens, especially high school students who will soon be graduating and former students who have left behind their days of innocence.

A Weibo user commented, “The music video has a youthful feel. Can’t wait to see the band perform in school uniform! »

“The cover takes us back to our carefree school days,” said another one. “A great song to listen to closely Chinese Valentine’s Day 520!”

On May 25, Accusefive’s label, Bin Music, also suggests on a possible mainland China tour in the near future. Fan excitement exploded and the hashtag for the tour garnered over 27 million views in just a few days.

Since then, many have flooded the comments section, begging the band to include their cities in the upcoming tour.

All images via Weibo

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