SXSW 2022 – SXSW Music Spotlight: LAUNDRY DAY: NYC Boy Band/Rock Band “You Can’t Ignore On The Streets” – Music

Austin Chronicle: Are you all hat and boot boys?

Henry Pearl: We are when we are in Austin.

Jude Ciulla: We have a little chameleon, we like to dress up, so I could see us going cowboy for a day.

HP: I think wherever we go, the five of us in the band end up being that blob that you can’t ignore on the streets. Whether we’re in Austin or New York, we’re just a huge distraction on the street. These are the shenanigans we always get into.

THAT : How do you think your music will translate to Austin audiences?

JC: Austin doesn’t care about us, I can’t even lie. I think we have this good energy for Texas. We give them a bit of rock ‘n’ roll. We give them a hot little New York!

HP: I think “Little Bird,” especially from our new album, has a good bouncy feel to it, but also that classic, twangy Austin thing. I know that people who come to the concert are also looking for pop and I think we bring pop as well.

THAT : What would you say if someone called you a “boy band”?

JC: I think we give you a bit, but we also give you a rock band. There’s a nice versatility where you can identify all the members, and you can have your favorite, but we’ll give you the guitar solos and all that crazy crap.

THAT : What are you guys going to do for “Keep Austin Weird?” Not weird, but weird.

JC: I think we’ll bring in a little more weirdness, and we’ll keep it weird! I think LD is weird enough that we help “Keep Austin Weird”. I don’t think we should do anything different.


Thursday, March 17, 12:40 a.m., Stubb’s Inside

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