Students believe Archduke METALLICA was killed at start of World War I

Educator Christina E. Cox was trying to teach his students about the start of World War I when comedy gold struck.

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The First World War began when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was assassinated in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Principal. coxswain tried to give his students a hint about the Archduke’s name, saying it’s also the name of a modern band (they being a Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand). A student guessed Archduke Metallica, And now here we are. I wonder why there never was Archduke Metallicaand why Metallic does not print Archduke Metallica shirts literally right now.

Give us Archduke Metallica, universe. We need it.

“Today during the introduction to the First World War, a student raised her hand and mentioned the death of a certain archduke. No one knew his name, so as a clue, I suggested that he shares his name with a group.

“Gentle reader, my students asked if there had perhaps been a Archduke Metallica.”

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