Start of geotechnical drilling on a South African nickel project

Dual-listed company URU Metals says Zeb Nickel will shortly begin geotechnical drilling on the Zeb Project, as part of an investigation into the dolomitic stability of the proposed mining infrastructure area, which forms part of the application for Zeb’s mining right with the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE).

URU successfully completed the divestiture of the project to Zeb Nickel in August 2021 and the project remains URU’s primary focus through its 74.82% stake in Zeb Nickel.

The application for mining rights filed with the DMRE reserves certain areas of the project for open-pit mining infrastructure, the subsoil of which consists of dolomite.

DMRE requested the company to carry out a dolomitic stability survey in this prescribed area to ensure that any future surface mining infrastructure is not on geotechnically unstable ground, which may be associated with dolomite.

The drilling will be carried out by Ntamu Engineers – a professional South African environmental consultancy firm, with a team of professionals specializing in several areas of environmental science and environmental engineering.

Drilling will follow on the back of a geophysical survey consisting of a gravity survey to delineate low density zones possibly associated with dissolution cavities.

Drilling of approximately 17 boreholes using an air percussion drilling method will be drilled a minimum of 6m into hard rock or 60m, whichever comes first, in accordance with the national standard south -African 1936-2.

The logging of the drill chips will be carried out by a qualified geologist-engineer. The drilling will also be supervised by the company’s geologists, who will monitor the chips for any geological information relevant to the project and examine the chips for signs of mineralization.

No assay will be performed on material collected from these drill holes unless the mineralization is intersected.

The results of the study will be submitted to the Geosciences Council for review and then the final report will be submitted to DMRE for comments.

Drilling is expected to be completed by October 28 and the final report submitted to DMRE in early December.

“This study, requested by the DMRE, is part of the routine geotechnical investigations for any construction activity that may be located on dolomitic or limestone lithologies. The company does not anticipate any complications from this study, and the geological team is eager to log these holes and be on the lookout for any nickel/copper/platinum group elements and known gold mineralization in the area. studied. .

“This study will benefit the company not only by advancing the application for a mining right to the project area, but also by providing additional geological information within the wall of targets one and two,” comments the CEO and director of Zeb Nickel. Wayne Isaacs.

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