Skateboard Legend Ali Boulala’s Swedish Alternative Rock Band Ghost Boys Release “What I Love The Most”

Skateboard Legend Ali Boulala’s Swedish Alternative Rock Band Ghost Boys Release “What I Love The Most”

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July 1, 2022 – Today, Swedish alternative rock band ghost boys release their second single “What I Love Most”, via Coritywith Linus Nordstrom on the guitar, Magnus “Kitok” Ekelund voice, and skate legend Ali Boulala on the keys. In line with their first single “live another daythe new track is upbeat and rock-focused, dipping into introspective lyricism. The lyrical focus is on a struggling musician, juggling the act of sex, drugs and rock and roll, searching for a balance between all the internal and external chaos to find the beauty of life. Beginning with the inspiration of a single riff that Ali sent to Nordström, they began to collaborate and develop the track, its basic message defined in a lyric, “What I love most kills me, and what I need kills love.”

Legend for his experimental skate tricks in dark places and his keen sense of urban fashion, Ali Boulala has established himself in the catalog of polarizing figures with undeniable talents and fearless tastes. The recent documentary about his tangled life “Les Cicatrices d’Ali Boulala” directed by Stockholm-based Max Eriksson had its world premiere at 2021 Tribeca Film Festival.

Watch the trailer for “The Scars of Ali Boulala” HERE.

The creation of Ghost Boys came about when Magnus “Kitok” Ekelund, producer and Paradise Jokkmokk punk rapper, first approached Ali. They had known each other for years, playing records together in clubs. Ali agreed. Then Magnus found himself following the world of comedian and director Linus Nordström (coincidentally the son of Swedish band singer Sator), and thought he looked more like a rock star than a comedian. He reached out to him and asked if he played anything, “he said guitar and that’s it,” Magnus says. The group came together organically and they formed Ghost Boys.




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