Sikkim’s premier rock band ‘GATC’ to head to Swiss music festival


Sikkim’s first Indian hard rock band, Girish And The Chronicles (GATC), will travel to Switzerland in November this year for the “UR Rock Music Festival” featuring one of the legendary rock groups – Nazareth.

Kicking off their European tour, the heavy metal band was invited to the Swiss Music Festival, following the release of their music album ‘Rock The Highway’ in April 2020.

The album by melodic Danish-based hard rock label Lion’s Pride music has created a huge resonance with the rock and metal music community around the world.

This music album “Talk of the Community” has been loved by several rock and metal legends, such as – Thomas Gabriel Fischer (Celtic Frost) and Glen Fricker.

In addition, online portals like – Metal Injection, Metal Sucks and Classic Rock Magazine also appreciated the album.

The group will celebrate its 12th anniversary in October. Currently, its members – Girish Pradhan (singer / guitars), Yogesh Pradhan (bassist), Suraj Karki (main guitars) and Nagen Mongranti (drums) – are based in Bengaluru.

Formed in October 2009, Girish and the Chronicles are a Hard Rock / Melodic Rock / Progressive / Heavy Metal band from Sikkim, currently based in the city of Bengaluru.

He’s been an important name on the country’s Hard Rock / Metal scene since 2009.

Popularly known for their soaring vocals, biting guitars, thundering basses and thumping drums, and exemplifying the Heavy Metal / Hard Rock sound of the 80s, electrifying performances, GATC has proven to be a recognized band in the Hard Rock culture. in India, steadily for the last 10 years, informed the official website of GATC.

Their latest album – Rock The Highway (2020) has found its way into several rock magazines around the world.

He gained a cult following with hair metal and rock experts from the 80s and 90s.

The group has already been booked for the Hard Rock Hell (HRH) festival, to be held in Manchester, UK in 2022, GATH informed the Sikkim Express.

During this time the group also supported such groups as – Hoobastank, Poets of the fall, Destruction.

He recently toured with / supported Lamb of God / Megadeth legend Chris Adler during his performances in India and was part of various top music festivals held across the country.

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