Sick Riffs: Alex Dezen teaches you the catchy punk-rock guitar lines of Broken Baby’s Royal Pigs


Sick Riffs # 140: Los Angeles duo Broken Baby have infused primordial punk rock hype with the catchy melodies of modern songwriting since they emerged with their self-titled debut EP in 2017.

The pair – consisting of Alex Dezen and Amber Bollinger – doubled the EP with their also self-titled debut album in 2018, and have since produced some solid standalone singles.

Among them, those of 2019 Royal Pigs perhaps stands out as a highlight, with its ultra-catchy vocals and characteristic crisp guitar lines. And luckily for you, Dezen joins us on today’s episode of Sick Riffs to teach you the entire track.

Electric guitars seen in the video include two Gibson SG Specials – equipped with P-90s and mini-humbuckers respectively – and a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe from 1971. Amps include a Jaguar Twin combo via a 2×12 expansion cabin and a Peavey Classic 30.

“We had a whole tour planned and an EP release planned, so the lockdown definitely changed all of those plans,” Dezen said. “But it also allowed me to deepen the production work a bit, which kept me busy (and paid off).

“I actually really enjoy producing records for other bands and artists, digging into someone else’s song and bringing it to life. I’m just trying to stay safe and busy.

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Sick riffs is a Guitar World video series designed to help guitarists affected by the coronavirus. Self-isolating players around the world each filmed a lesson where they teach you one of their own guitar riffs, up close and personal. If you like the lesson, we encourage you to purchase music and merchandise from the artist or stream his music.

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