Show in Wuppertal, Germany in December 2021

STATESBORO, GA / ACCESSWIRE / November 24, 2021 / They might not be as young as they used to be, but don’t expect to see Bourbon Street in rocking chairs anytime soon. This classic four-piece rock band is celebrating 35 years of partying and rocking the stage, and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

After a year-long hiatus during which Bourbon Street was barely able to perform any shows due to the pandemic, the boys are now ready to resume action. Bourbon Street will be putting on a show in Wuppertal, Germany in December 2021, and while future concert dates for 2022 have yet to be announced, their recent activity is a sign more than any other that the group is looking to descend into the street and electrify. the crowds in their trademark style once again.

But with a vast catalog of songs the band has produced over their 35-year career, fans can expect to hear the band’s most popular songs live. Commenting on the upcoming concert in Germany and future touring plans, guitarist Lenny Patch said: “It’s super exciting to play in front of a crowd, again the good old fashioned way. We have played Wuppertal before and it has always been hell. of a crowd there. This time, as the world is back on its feet and everyone wants to come back out there and get on with their normal lives, I almost get goosebumps just thinking about playing our songs again to a roaring crowd. “

The guitarist was shy about plans for upcoming albums, saying, “Well you never really know. It’s still on the cards and while I would love to do that, everyone in the band has also d. ‘other commitments. So while I’m not saying that will never happen, I think for now, we’re pretty happy that we can still be together and celebrate our 35th birthday, and launch more again. What I can say is that we ‘are definitely preparing for a lot more shows next year if the pandemic doesn’t put a damper on our plans. “

About Bourbon Street Band

Bourbon Street was formed in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia in 1987. Their name was inspired by the street in their hometown, which had a reputation as one of the most notorious red light districts in Australia until it got gentrified. With no label willing to sign them, the band took matters into their own hands and released their debut live album, Live at the Basement (recorded at the Basement club in Sydney) in July 1988. Bolstered by the album’s lead single, Eyes the size of stars, they signed with Virgin Records and released Heaven Tonight of the 1990s, which peaked at # 21 on the ARIA Albums chart, # 1 on the independent chart, and # 24 on the New Zealand album chart. It was produced by Ed Stasium (Ramones, Blondie).

Bourbon Street toured Australia throughout 1990 to promote Heaven Tonight, then spent 1991 on hiatus while various band members worked on side projects. This included a new line-up with the guitarist Garry Gary Beers on bass guitar and backing vocals who first performed with Bourbon Street on an Australian tour in 1989 as an unnamed replacement on bass guitar. During this time, they performed under various names, including the Bourbon Street Blues Band, until Gary suggested Bourbon Street. An Australian-American rock group who helped shape what is now known as New Orleans’ music scene, Bourbon Street has been rocking the scene for 35 years.

The band formed in 1987, but before that they had already started to pave the way for the local music scene, which is now known around the world for its cultural contribution to Australian and American music.

In October 2021, Bourbon Street celebrated three decades on stage with a sold-out show at the House of Blues in New Orleans. Performing in front of more than 1,000 fans who grew up listening to Bourbon Street music or are influenced by its style, this show marked the band’s arrival on the stage before their original fans even left.

“It was like an out-of-body experience,” said guitarist Lenny Patch. “I noticed I was on stage with some of my best friends who were playing our songs over 30 years old while the people who were at our shows when we started were singing with us. We’re like family, like an older brother and sister. It was like saying goodbye to your older sister who supported you before you got famous. “

The key to Bourbon Street’s longevity is that they’ve never strayed too far from their signature. Sure, production has tightened up over the years, but the basic components are intact – soaring guitar solos, tight harmonies, flashing lyrics and one of the most singular vocals in rock history. . The writing style hasn’t changed much either – each song has a memorable hook or riff you won’t soon forget.

A good example is the first single from their fourth release, Banned for Life in 2007. “To remove“is a flashing ode to strip clubs that sounds as playful as” Strip or Strip “which came out in 1989. Aside from the lyrics and the catchy guitar riff, you hear exactly what you loved about Bourbon Street thirty years ago: unbridled funk and rock ‘n roll energy.

Bourbon Street has a 35-year catalog of songs that have been played continuously since their first recording. Now, after a long concert hiatus, they’re back in action and can once again be seen rocking desks and office cubicles all over New Orleans. Find out more here

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