Rolling Stones net worth: How much money does the English rock band have?

Oone of the most important groups in the history of music, the rolling stonesare embarking on a new world tour to celebrate the band’s 60-year history.

At their first presentation in Madrid, Spain, 79 Mick Jaggertogether with Keith Richards (78) and Ron Wood (75, which he celebrated in the middle of the concert), showed that age doesn’t seem to outgrow them, at least on stage, and drove fans crazy while singing each of their legendary songs.

The Rolling Stones will take a 20-concert tour to celebrate and raise the fortune of the groupwhich is estimated by FOXBusiness to be $1.45 billion.

After closing 2021 as the highest-grossing band of the year (above even the so-called reggaetoneros), they continued with their American tour called No Filter Toureven after the death of their drummer Charlie Wattsat the age of 80.

The tour grossed $115.5 million after over 500,000 tickets sold across 12 dates in the United States.

The fortune of each of the Stones

Only the band’s lead singer, Jagger, has a fortune of 500 million dollarsafter the band sold over 200 million albums worldwide in its six-decade history.

The same amount, $500 millionis the fortune of the group’s guitarist, Richards, while Wood, who plays guitar and bass, and who before joining the Stones participated in the group Faces alongside Rod Stewart, has a fortune of $200 million.

Before his death in August 2021, Watts, the drummer, had a fortune of $250 million. Watts also served as the designer for several of the band’s tour covers and sets through his talent as a graphic designer.

Satisfaction’ while working with the stones

“Working with the Stones is pure bliss. They are professionals in everything they do,” the band’s backing vocalist since 1989, Lisa Fischer, told Colombian journalist Jacobo Celnik in an interview published in the book “SATISFACTION . Conversations with Rock”, written by Celnik himself.

“The chemistry between them is phenomenal, like someone sent from heaven. They never forget what the people who go to see them want. They enjoy every moment as if it were the last,” Fischer added, which describes in the book the personality of each one. of them.

“Charlie is shy; Mick is electric; Keith is dangerously adorable; and Ronnie is just a ray of sunshine,” said Fischer, who has also sung with Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin and Roberta Flack.

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