Rock band I Prevail release new album TRUE POWER

For years, I Prevail has teased their fans by dropping singles from time to time. The last full album released was titled Trauma and dropped in 2019. I Prevail began their musical journey in 2013. The band released the album Heart vs. Disturbs in 2014 and a cover of “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. The group grew rapidly and released their album life lines in 2016. true power, their last album, is an incredible album that shows what they are capable of while allowing them to grow.

This new album gives the same rock feeling that fans are used to, with a new style introduced on a specific song called “FWYTYK”. The message the group is pushing focuses primarily on mental health and wellness, dealing with toxic people, and dealing with your emotions.

I Prevail kicks off their album strong with a song called “There’s Fear in Letting Go”. It’s about pushing yourself to be the best you can be and not being afraid of who you are even when nothing is permanent in life. The song is what you would expect from the emo rock band; the guitar rips accentuate the grungy vocals beautifully.

So far my favorite song on this album has to be “Body Bag”. In this song, they vocalize that no matter how you spend your life, eventually we will all pass. The chorus almost has a punk rock vibe to it. “Here is your dirt empire” is a very memorable lyric in this piece.

I Prevail always writes songs that their target audience can relate to. Many of their fans can relate to their new song “Self Destruction.” This song pushes the agenda to work until we die until we die. In the chorus they say, “We go 24/7 until we’re six feet deep.” Head in the clouds but our heart is concrete. Burn it all while they get cold feet. Yeah, they can try to copy but they can’t compete.

For rock fans who can’t stomach the screams, “Bad Things” and “Deep End” aren’t as aggressive as their other songs in terms of volume. They both have a softer rock feel for the majority of the song.

Jumping to the song which is definitely a different genre, “FWYTYK” still has its signature sound but with a mix of rock and dubstep. It’s very rap-heavy, which isn’t entirely uncommon for I Prevail. The message of this song focuses on not listening to what other people have to say. Most of the time, these reviews are fake about you. I believe I Prevail absolutely rocked this new genre mix.

true power is a great example of the work I Prevail has done over the years. I enjoy this album and each song is so different from the next. The variety is beautifully done. I can’t wait to see them in concert again, when they come to Atlanta on September 28th.



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