Rising Rock Band Brunette’s Upcoming Single “Fight Night” Successfully Takes You Back In Time

Author: Jennifer Stone

The 5-member Twin Cities Brunette rock band experimented with different melodic elements to form the charming, reminiscent melody of ‘Fight Night’.

Rock music is one of the most popular genres in the world due to its rebellious rhythmic approach. 5 piece American indie rock outfit, Brunette bring back the nostalgic, rule-defying attributes of real rock music with their nostalgia-infused melodies. The group is releasing a brand new single, A night of fightingon major streaming platforms with exceptional rhythmic resonance. The song paints an uncomfortable picture of pretending detachment in the face of love with the help of its eloquent lyrics and touching rhythmic background. The soothing vocal performance brings out the true essence of the lyrical illustration, making the audience feel all the emotions that went through the making of the libretto.

The gifted lot hails from the Twin Cities building a bridge between generations with their nostalgic creations. The group was formed in 2020 by friends and two songwriters Sam Holt and Joey Hays. Their songs are moving and present the impermanence of adolescence that everyone can identify with. Their upcoming soundtrack, A night of fighting brilliantly fixates on anxiety and apathy working in tandem. Listeners are bound to love the intense guitar riffs and soothing vocal performances of the Brunette in this song. The song will be available on major streaming platforms including Spotify. Follow them on instagram for more information.

Link to the single:


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