Progressive rock band inspired by Powys studio release new album

Rock band PROG release their latest album, which was recorded at a studio in Llanfyllin.

For their third album, prog rock duo Court Lake Zephyr recorded the majority of the album’s content in a studio barn in Llanfyllin.

Ian Grove and Nigel Mervyn have recorded two albums as Court Lake Zephyr, and their recently released second album (entitled ’03’) sought outside influence from their studio view of the Berwyn Mountains.

“Traditionally, some of the best, most iconic music has been recorded in unusual places,” said Nigel Mervyn. “Castles, farms, basements, mansions etc. and we are currently investigating recording in caves in the Blaenau Ffestiniog area, subject to relevant permissions of course.”

“Something to recommend to inspire exciting and unusual ideas.”

Some elements of the Welsh countryside even made their way onto the album in unexpected ways.

Nigel added “The studio benefits from a lot of outside inspiration, such as when the sound of crows agitating in a quarrel can be heard accompanying the guitar on the song Snake in the Grass.”

As a modern progressive rock band, Court Lake Zephyr drew inspiration from acts such as Genesis and King Crimson.

However, they said their music features a diverse range of styles, with other inspirations ranging from The Beatles to the Massive Attack theme for the TV series Luther as well as vintage musicals like Mary Poppins and The Wizard of Oz.

Nigel said: “We decided to associate the label ‘prog’ because we believe that listeners need a point of reference, and it best describes some of the twists in tempo and key that always make surface in our music.

“However, while we love the intricacies of this genre, we are not limited by it or in a time warp, and let the muse take us where she wants.

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