Preston County Pilots get off to a flying start with a landmark concert at Penwortham

county pilots

Preston band County Pilots are set to headline a gig at the Penwortham Arts Center this weekend.


Talk to Preston Blogthe band said they wanted to breathe some life into the local music scene.

“Having played on the local circuit in 2022, our focus has been on getting people in Preston back to watching live bands.

“Unlike Manchester and Liverpool, Preston’s malnourished music scene has needed a breath of fresh air and we hope we can be the spark to ignite that.”

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They describe their self-organised concert in Penwortham as their “first stop” on this journey.

“Being a council-owned property, our event will not only give back to our hometown financially, but offer locals a chance to experience the energy of live rock n roll.

“Our music is inspired by the 1960s, which really sets us apart from other bands on the scene right now.

“Although we are a relatively new group, we have taken a step forward.

“We hope the passion for what we do will resonate through Preston and launch what will be a thriving music scene.”

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County Pilots play at the Penwortham Arts Center on Saturday September 24.

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