Presentation of the folk-rock group South Atlas

A folk-rock band that also adds psychedelic flourishes, South Atlas has built a loyal local over the past few years since their base on Victoria’s Surf Coast.

After releasing two singles in 2019 “Only Human” and “Home”, the quartet pulled out of the spotlight – in part because of the craziness of those two years.

Now they’re back, having honed their sound and worked on their art of songwriting from an old beach hut. ‘Yesterdays Tomorrow’ is their new single, a song that explores the connection between self, change and the natural environment.

They recorded ‘Yesterdays Tomorrow’ at New Market Studios in North Melbourne with Guus Hoevenaars (Vance Joy, Tones and I, Kingswood) who also mixed the song.

Who is… South Atlas was born in the land of Wadawurrung on the surf coast of Victoria. After years of travel and transience, Lachlan Hurrell settled down and met Ben Gibson. From those initial jams, the group grew to include Jesse and Beau.

Over the past four years, South Atlas has honed its sound in an old beach hut on Victoria’s Surf Coast. Since then, they’ve gained a devoted local audience, playing to packed halls of salt-eyed coastal folks.

These multi-instrumentalists combine beautiful melodic harmonies, with swells of psychedelic folk-rock for a unique and rhythmic flashy live not to be missed.

It looks like… Ben Harper and Ben Howard with psychedelic folk-rock.

Our first gig was … Bird Rock Bar at Jan Juc.

When did you decide on the name of the band, and was it a unanimous decision … We settled down after arguing for centuries and then realized that much of life is about direction and finding a way, place or meaning and that South Atlas for concerns us this place, this path and this meaning.

In the studio, we are used to … Laugh a lot and have fun.

If we could go on a tour with someone … The war on drugs.

Social networks are … Help us communicate and share our history and change society in ways that we are only just beginning to understand.

My favorite app right now is … Ultimate Guitar because I can search for chords in guitars, banjos, ukuleles and all those different tunings.

Our most embarrassing moment to date has been the weather … When Beau broke a drumstick on a cymbal; and then at the end of the set he broke and flew across the room and almost impaled the bar staff.

Life on the road can be … Full of possibilities and wonder.

If you have us on your invoice, all we ask is that our jumper contain … Something local and healthy.

The scariest scenario I found myself in was … Travel to India, get very sick and lose eight pounds in five days.

Which celebrity / famous person would you like to be the spokesperson for the band … David Attenborough for he is a wonderful speaker with words that should be heard by as many ears as possible.

If you had to live in a city abroad, where would you choose and why? New Orleans. Melting pot of music.

Three people you would like to invite around a dinner … Dalai Lama, Truganini and whoever holds the most global power right now. I hope this mix provides a conversation that reflects, philosophizes, and brings about global change.

If we came to your place, what would you cook for us? Something from the garden, fresh and healthy.

When it comes to pets, are you a lover or an enemy of our furry friends? I like them but I don’t have any.

The last time I saw the interior of a gymnasium it was … Never, the outside world is my gym.

What is the chore that you hate the most? Put away the dishes.

Do you have phobias … Blood sample ; can cause me to pass out.

Would you ever be on a reality TV show? I would, there is a Swedish one called ‘Alone’. Time in the desert.

The best local takeout joint for a 2am meal that will leave you in an eating coma? Don’t have any on the coast. There is a big chain that will leave you in a coma long enough.

Which fictional character best describes your personality? “School Of Rock” because I am a performing arts teacher in elementary school.

The last show you watched in a row? ‘Woodley’. actor from Melbourne; incredibly stupid and intelligent.

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