Pop rock group Hello Fiasco release adrenaline-filled single ‘Hold Me Close’

Hello Fiasco’s Pop Rock song “Hold Me Close” was released on Spotify on May 5, 2022, before anyone even heard of the band’s debut album “Find The Shoreline.” The adrenaline-filled, arena-worthy track was the band’s debut single and has already garnered over 425,000 plays on Spotify. The official video for the track also generated an additional 130,000 views on YouTube; no small feat for what seemed like an unheard of band just a few months ago.

“Hold Me Close” is an emotional walk through a relationship that’s visibly on the rocks, where both parties seem desperate for a new experience that will bond them. Lead singer Eric LaBossiere says he most often writes songs as reminders of what to do or what not to do in the future. He added that this song is his personal reminder to always go out and do the things that matter most with those he loves the most.

Although very personal to him, the video is very relevant and seems to speak to the masses. In the video, we feel like the couple who are trapped inside their home could have been any of us during COVID, as our lives have been in slow motion for a while and our relationships have all been affected. On an interesting side note, the female lead is played by well-known Canadian singer Sheena Rattai (Red Moon Road) and the male lead is played by Hello Fiasco’s own bassist Joel Couture (AKA “Fashion” or “Fash”). . The video is well done and definitely worth watching.

So who is Hello Fiasco and what did we miss here? Prior to 2021, former members of The Mailman’s Children teamed up with other Canadian artists to record 23 original songs. At the beginning of 2021, the new Pop Rock group appeared publicly under the name Hello Fiasco. Although Hello Fiasco is primarily Canadian, the band is considered “North American” because their frontman Eric LaBossiere (born in Canada) lives in Helena, Montana, USA.

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Pop rock band Hello Fiasco release adrenaline-fueled single ‘Hold Me Close’

The rest of the band, including Joel Couture (bass), Joel Perreault (lead guitars/backing vocals), Ivan Burke (drums/backing vocals) and Guy Abraham (keyboards/Ableton/backing vocals), all live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA region. Hello, Fiasco has been compared to Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand and David Bowie, although listeners also said HF definitely had a sound and strength of its own. It only makes sense since the band prides itself on coming from the side of Pop Rock where the quality of lyrics, music and originality always mean something.

The band’s debut album “Find The Shoreline”, which generated an unprecedented 1,250,000 streams and 2,500 playlist additions on Spotify before its official release on August 4, 2022, is now available worldwide. The song collection was co-produced by frontman Eric LaBossiere and award-winning Canadian producer John Paul Peters (Propagandhi, Arkells, Comeback Kid, Faouzia). *Peters recently won Audio Engineering and Producer of the Year awards at Western Canadian Music Awards. Notably, the album was mastered by American engineer Randy Merrill of Sterling Sound (Imagine Dragons, Cage The Elephant, Muse, Maroon 5, Paul McCartney, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Adele and Lady Gaga ). ).



APPLE: https://music.apple.com/us/album/find-the-shoreline/1634114882

ALBUM RELEASE SITE: https://www.findtheshoreline.com/

*A site built by the band: includes music store, liner notes, credits, lyrics, cover story, reviews, and more.


WEBSITE: https://www.hellofiasco.com/

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