“October Surprise” – Misinformation music video by rock band Push Puppets

You can probably guess from my username that I’ve been a member of this community since the George W. Bush years. I remember thinking that was about as bad as it gets. I did not know.

I’d like to share my group Push Puppets’ new video on spreading misinformation on social and traditional media. Below is the press release that will air on Newswire/AP/Yahoo News tomorrow. Hope you enjoy “October Surprise”.

“October Surprise” – Rock band Push Puppets misinformation music video

October 12, 2022 (Chicago, IL)

Just in time for the midterm elections, Push Puppets have released an animated lyric video for the song “October Surprise,” which tackles the spread of misinformation on social and traditional media.

The song from the new album “Allegory Grey” is about an imaginary training session on a Russian troll farm to spread propaganda. It’s a powerful rock anthem that sits somewhere between Pink Floyd and Oasis musically with lush harmonies and guitar work reminiscent of Queen.

The video shows false information being spread across social media, print and television, starting with the ridiculous claim that Hillary Clinton runs a pedophile ring from the basement of a Washington, DC pizzeria. It continues with messages such as “COVID-19 is wrong” and bleach and ivermectin can treat COVID. It progresses to the message that led to the storming of the Capitol on January 6, which is misrepresented as a false flag operation by Antifa.

“I think the pervasive propaganda on social media and amplified by right-wing TV and radio is one of the biggest threats to our country right now,” says group leader Erich Specht.

“I have never been shy about sharing my feelings on political matters, and something that is so close to my heart needs to be expressed.”

The album “Allegory Grey” which was released on September 30 is pop/rock with earworm melodies and brilliant production that belies the often bittersweet feelings in the thoughtful lyrics. In addition to his bread-and-butter topics of dysfunctional relationships and hopeless languishing, Erich also writes on such topics as panicking at the thought of receiving an email saying a computer has been compromised, convincing a co – conspirator to take the fall and Karma blow up his house and drive him out of the way.

Two music videos for singles that were released in the summer before the album are also available on YouTube. The singles “Sometimes the Buds Never Bloom” and “There’s Nobody Else Like Lynette” have topped the Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 in the past few months. Additional videos will be released over the coming months.

“Allegory Grey” is Push Puppets’ third album. The band consists of songwriter Erich Specht on vocals and guitar, Tommi Zender on guitar and vocals, John William Lauler on bass, Kyle Magnusson on keyboards and Greg Essig on drums. The video was created by Petros Tryfon.

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