Mom Jeans, Prince Daddy, Origami Angel and Oldsoul discuss “Rock Band” adding their songs


Do you like to play Rock band but I wish there were more DIY emo? Well you are in luck! For Rock group 4On the occasion of the 6th anniversary of, the creators Harmonix have just released a new free 4-pack with playable tracks from four groups on Intuitive record counter. He understands Mom jeans‘”Girl Scout Cookies” (from 2016 Best friends), Old soul‘s “Like No Surprise” (from 2020s You were overwhelmed), Origami Angel‘s “The Title Track” (from 2019’s Somewhere City), and Prince Papa and the Hynena‘s “Cosmic Thrill Seeking Forever” (as of 2019’s Seekers of cosmic thrills).

Counter Intuitive founder Jake Sulzer says, “When I was a teenager I pre-ordered the first Rock band the day it was announced. My friends and I formed our group months before we even played the game for the first time. It sparked my love of playing music collaboratively with other people and has always had such a positive influence on expanding my musical interests by exposing myself to so many different artists and genres. I’ve been following the game closely as it has evolved over the past decade + and to even get to play a small part in the game. Rock band community by making our in-game artists available to all players is a dream come true. “

Eric Butler of Mom Jeans adds: “So that one of our songs appears in a Rock band the game honestly feels like a fever dream. I know that growing up I personally had an important connection to the franchise both as a music lover and as a kid who wanted to grow up and be part of a band someday. Besides exposing myself to tons of new music that I might not have heard until years later (Steely Dan, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters), I find it hard to remember another situation. in which a teenager was better able to imagine what he was feeling. loves being a guitarist in a real band. I find it hard not to believe that the RB games released during mine and our formative years have had a significant impact on our love and appreciation for live music. To be included in this celebration of RB legacy alongside so many other epic artists is very special and honorary and we are thrilled to be a part of it. “

Jess Hall of Oldsoul said: “It’s amazing to be on a game that I spent hours locked in my friends’ basement. I remember finding a group of artists that I ended up falling for. in love. We would literally spend hours in the middle of school and high school practicing every song about an expert until our fingers ache and our eyes turned red lol. “

Pat Doherty of Origami Angel: “Rock band Introduced me to the drums as a child, which led me to learn the instrument later. It’s cool to see things come full circle seeing Gami in the game. “

And Prince Papa and Hyena’s Kory Gregory said, “Incredibly happy to be involved in a game I’ve been playing since legitimate college. Finally a song in a musical video game performed by musicians more technically proficient than Dragonforce.” I also really like Harmonix which makes me look good and skinny and shirtless and sports a mohawk for the playable version in-game. Thanks! Lets Rock. “

Watch a preview of the pack below and get more info here.

Mom Jeans recently announced a new album, Sweet tooth, and you can get it on blue vinyl exclusively in our stores, limited to 300.

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