Meet Petting Zoo, New York’s rising pop-rock band

Petting Zoo is a pop-rock band from Norwalk, Connecticut and currently based in New York. Band members include Zack Ely, Bennett Newman, Colin Berger, Joe Wen, and DEEGAN.

petting zoo

Born and raised in Norwalk, Petting Zoo released their debut single “Lovin’ Yourself” in 2018. They released their self-titled debut EP in late 2020 and released subsequent singles in 2021. Recently, they’ve been returning with new songs and lively shows .

Zack Ely is the vocal and rhythm guitar whose favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked. Joe Wen plays electric guitar and bass in the band and Colin Berger is the drummer. Bennett Newman plays bass and electric guitar and is a fan of black raspberry ice cream. And DEEGAN sang and helped produce the tracks.

Having grown up on Coldplay, Maroon 5, Green Day, the Beatles, Bob Marley, the Police, U2, petting zoo have firmly established themselves as providers of bright, friendly indie-pop. They are also fans of contemporary Top 40 and pop/hip hop.

Their new song “Food” was released on July 15, a song filled with summer vibes. The finger-jumping bass backs the song while the refreshing vocals with a simple guitar chorus and sand hammer create a feeling of drinking ice cold juice. The change of gears and subsequent sound design in the middle of the song made it feel like running into the sea and diving into it.

petting zoo

The passion for food is the inspiration for the new song “Food”. Zack is known for devouring chocolate and/or chicken parmesan sandwiches like his life depended on it, which led to him writing a song about food. The members agreed that “Food” doesn’t even have to be a love song since Zack could really be about the entity of food itself.

They had a wonderful performance at Bowery Ballroom on June 10th and will perform more frequently in July, including the show at Red Lion on July 23rd, Bitter End on July 30th and open for the 502s at the Summer Concert Series of Bayley Beach on July 31. More upcoming shows can be found here.

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