Local country rock band The Fire Brand release new single “Groovin”

The Fire Brand is a Twin Cities band known for their high-energy, guitar-driven country music.

The band consists of Tom on guitar and vocals, Orion on vocals and guitar, Maria on bass, Chris on rhythm guitar and Eric on drums.

Their new version 2022 “Groovin” continues to expand into a harder country-rock sound while keeping that fun and playful vibe. This might be their best single to date!

“Groovin” could be described as bro-country, music about the lifestyle of drinking a few beers, hanging out with your friends and partying. These themes are not unique to country music, but a true embodiment of that great feeling of letting go of all the issues of work and life.

However, you won’t find mentions of desperation in these country songs. They’re written to make you feel like it’s the peak of the party. As long as you keep Groovin’, you can keep moving.

That seems to be the key to the country music scene that people love. The attraction of friendships where you can be the fun version of yourself is quite magnetic.

Tom’s guitar work is pretty solid. He clearly knows how to create entertaining songs and worthy guitar solos.

Drummer Eric provides an ideal basis for the songs. It provides a great foundation for that rock feel of their country-rock sound.

Maria plays bass and smiles charmingly at the camera

Maria’s golden smile lights up the stage as she shows off her talent on the bass guitar.

Orion Stimpel plays guitar and sings

Orion leads the music with a country-rock vocal style. His vocals bring the songs a full sound that can outlast the band’s growing popularity and push them to longevity.

He has a vocal ability to bring an alluring energy and joyful feel to every song. It brings to the imagination pleasant feelings as if you were drinking an ice-cold beer on a summer day, even though it is actually a cold winter day.

The Fire Brand performs live

From The Fire Brand music videos succeed in giving the impression that the band is having a blast on stage, their live performances seem even more interesting.

Future shows will be loud, fun, and a bit rowdy, just what 2022 needs. Keep an eye out for spring show dates and hope for the best!

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