Jam rock band Dopapod will bring improvisational compositions to the Sherman Theater on February 4

Dopapod, known for his technical precision and improvisational compositions, will bring his heavy jams and high energy to the Sherman Theater, 524 Main St. in Stroudsburg on February 4.

Opening the show will be Eggy, whose music is described as “the comfort felt in consuming a favorite dish…familiar tastes that envelop you and bold flavors that inspire you. The deep textures of the landscapes of your life in musical form.

What/Who is Dopapod? Symmetry defines Dopapod. The band and each of its seven albums has a palindromic name, which means it can be read forwards and backwards the same way. More than that, balance became the band’s modus operandi, with the band consciously juggling the darker tones of heavy rock with lighthearted humor; synthesizing the tastes of funk, jazz, bluegrass, electronica and more into their complex improvisational compositions.

During live shows, Dopapod has been known to take fans on a complete journey, guiding attendees through periods of frantic dancing contrasted with moments of thoughtful contemplation. Since forming at Berklee College Of Music in 2007, Dopapod – consisting of Eli Winderman (keyboards and vocals), Rob Compa (guitar and vocals), Chuck Jones (bass) and Neal “Fro” Evans (drums) – has amassed a enviable list of accomplishments: a thriving fanbase across the country, annual shows numbering in the hundreds, and high-profile appearances at festivals like Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, Summer Camp, High Sierra, and more.

After a successful decade together, Dopapod went on a planned hiatus in 2018 in an effort to restore balance to the group. Eli Winderman explained, “We have a new perspective on all of this – a different view of the band and of life. There’s a lot of renewed energy we feel around all of this.

Energetically, the space allowed each member to rekindle their passion for the project and bring their long-standing friendships back to the fore. With this time given to themselves, the band also deliberately reflected on their music, working together to breathe new life into old songs and revitalize live performances. “We’re excited to come back and play these songs together again, to see if they can take on new life,” added Chuck Jones. “After this gap year, we’re not just going to play the same songs the same way we did five years ago.”

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