It’s time for Guitar Hero and Rock Band to make their comeback


As game enthusiasts look for new board games to try out, Rock Band and Guitar Hero are set to make a comeback to breathe new life into the genre.


It doesn’t seem like that long ago, rhythm games were the most popular must-have video game titles. With games like Rock band and Guitar Hero all the way up it seemed like the rhythm game was here to stay. Unfortunately, the two big franchises ended around the same time with Rock group 4 and Guitar Hero Live in 2015 with seemingly no hope for future iterations of either series. This is such a shame as both franchises have played a major role in shaping the musical tastes of many young video game fans and now that they are gone, apparently for good, there isn’t much to it. play space to take their place.

It’s been over five years since a new entry into either franchise, so it looks like the time has come to Rock band and Guitar Hero to make a comeback. Even if Rock group 4 and Guitar Hero Live were supposed to turn both series upside down and breathe new life into them, they didn’t have the impact they expected as both games reported relatively low sales numbers. It looks like both titles tried to shake things up too soon after following the status quo for so long, but now that it’s been over half a decade, it looks like now, more than ever, the new entries. Would suit fans of the series well.

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The 2020s are perfect for rock bands and guitarists

Rock Band 4 is seen more as a reboot of the series than a sequel

Now that 2021 is drawing to a close, the current landscape of the game is pretty clear. Most AAA studios focus on the live service model and the Couch Co-op only lives in titles like It takes two Where Mario Party Superstars. While the emphasis on the live service isn’t inherently bad, it’s a shame that board games are on the way out of sorts. Titles like Jackbox Party games as well as Among us have proven over the past year that the genre doesn’t need to go away if new games are to take it in a new direction. Yes Rock band Where Guitar Hero were to return, they could bring players together once again to enjoy a dying genre and hopefully breathe new life into it.

As the pandemic always looks set to continue for the foreseeable future, music fans are looking for a safe way to enjoy concerts without risking getting sick. Rock band and Guitar Hero could perhaps help take that itch out of the concert, as vaccinated people can safely get together in groups to enjoy an evening of music and games. Even if Rock group 4 is compatible with the latest generation of consoles, finding new sets of its instruments locally is not particularly easy, so a new iteration of the game would be much more convenient.

Additionally, there has been a lot of great music that has been released since 2015 that would make perfect featured tracks for a new one. Rock band Where Guitar Hero. While Rock group 4 continues to add music to its library, the issue of accessibility to its controllers remains a major issue. By creating a new version of the games with many new featured tracks, Rock band and Guitar hero could once again attract the attention of music fans. There are definitely more issues to be addressed with each series, however, it looks like the 2020s are going to be a major turning point in the game and both. Rock band and Guitar Hero could be a part of it if they got some exciting new entries that took the definition of rhythm playing further than ever before.

Rock group 4 is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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