Introducing the rock band Is Man Kind

A trio influenced by folk, alt and rock from the Gold Coast, the members of Is Man Kind have been playing music for years, although this act only reunited in early 2021.

Combining a sound that transforms influences from The Doors, Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley and Santana with a hint of Chris Isaak, the trio released two singles last year: ‘Here She Comes’ and ‘1984’.

Their latest release is “The Impossible Dream”.

“Our answers are a little different and a little weird, but that’s us,” the group says, referring to the Q&A feature they did for us.

“For us, music is about providing spectacle, not just noise, so everything we do is about giving people an unforgettable experience. We love you all, Is Man Kind.”

Who is… We are Is Man Kind. We are a trio from the wild music scene of the Gold Coast. We’ve all been playing music for years, but only got together in early 2021.

Before that, our lead singer and musical mentalist Mars Sahara, and his son and drummer, The Doctor, were a powerful duo. To add some of that sexy key player spice, it’s Capt Jack.

It looks like… The Doors, Pink Floyd, an angry Santana, a touch of Chris Isaak and The Cult. It’s sexy, eclectic, nostalgic rock.

Our first gig was… Very fragile and strangely insightful (for us); the gig was at the staple, Vinnies Dive in Southport. Where most begin.

When did you choose the name of the band, and was it a unanimous decision… The name of the first game for Mars about 22 years ago but we first played under The Fool and Capt Jack played bass which made us realize it just wasn’t a thing . So he moved on to the keys and the Is Man Kind sound was born.

In the studio, we are used to… Hanging around until Mars tells us to pull ourselves together. Yes, Doc and Capt Jack often get into trouble with Mars. We don’t go into the studio that much because we want our performances to be organic and different every time. But in the right way.

If we could tour with someone… Pink Floyd or Ben Harper! Or Hoodoo Gurus or Baby Animals. What a crazy ride that would be.

Social media is… A necessary evil, but also we love interacting with the fans so it’s cool, in doses.

My favorite app right now is… The Commbank app so we can see how much money we don’t have.

Our most embarrassing moment to date was the moment… We are used to thinking that famous people are people they are not. Sorry Jimeoin. You just look like Carl Barron.

Life on the road can be… Repugnant. Only because there are three very smelly men in a car together. But other than that, it’s one of the best experiences you can have. We can’t wait for our tour in July!

If you have us on your invoice, all we ask is that our endorsement contains… Carlton Dry, a quarter bottle of scotch, a bottle of Zero Coke, a packet of BBQ honey crisps, $37 worth of bitcoin, and three donuts with a bite of each.

The scariest scenario we found ourselves in was… In the car, a drunken drummer tells us that we are all very sexy men. . . It’s even worse when he’s the son of Mars.

Which celebrity/famous person would you like to be a spokesperson for the group… Ozzy Osborne. We would have chosen Jim Morrison but unfortunately he is currently unavailable for a while.

If you had to live in a city abroad, where would you choose and why? Cities are a bit disgusting. I think we would all like to live on a huge farm. In Canada. But it’s a big drive to Vinnies Dive for the next gig.

Three people you would like to invite to dinner… George Ezra, Dave Gilmore and Mike Paton.

If we came to your house, what would you cook for us? Eggplant in brine but otherwise we would pass a Thai green curry.

When it comes to pets, do you love or hate our furry friends? Love furry friends. Between all of us, we have four dogs, two cats, and several other creatures, including Doc.

No matter the expense, send me a case of… Airplane Jelly and a case of vodka (jelly shots, yewwwww!).

The last time I saw the inside of a gymnasium was… “Gym, press one if you need help?””Who is Gym? What is a gym?”

What chore do you hate the most? Dishes. Ewww, washing. Make the bed. Anything is a chore.

Do you have any phobias… March: Swimming in open water. Jack: Snakes, they shouldn’t be allowed to move around without legs. Doc: Dating in general haha.

Would you ever be on a reality TV show? New reality show “I’m not a celebrity, so who cares?”. Or the three of us in a real “Big Brother”.

If you could prank one of your friends, who is your target and how do you take them down? Playing with Mars playing his guitar without asking is always fun. His face always looks like he’s sucked up a whole lemon with vinegar on it when he sees someone else playing it.

The best local takeout restaurant for a midnight meal that will leave you in a food coma? Maccas or any kebab place in the world.

Which fictional character best describes your personality? March: Basil Fawlty or Dracula. Jack: Jack Sparrow’s father. Doc: Jack Sparrow.

The last show you binge-watched? Not a show but ‘Jurassic Park Dominion’. Haters will hate, but it was awesome. Or ‘The Orville’.

Is Man Kind 2022 Tour Dates

Fri Jul 1 – The Federal Hotel (Northern Rivers)
Sat Jul 2 – Rod and Reel (Woodburn)
Sun 3 July – The Rails (Byron Bay)
Tuesday July 5 – Vinnies Dive Bar (Gold Coast)
Thu 7 Jul – The Welder Dog (Armidale)
Fri 8 Jul – The Wickham Park Hotel (Newcastle)
Sat 9 Jul – Frankies Pizza (Sydney)
Sun 31 Jul – Hotel Brunswick (Northern Rivers)

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