Indie rock band flipturn kicks off first nationwide tour


Florida based indie rock group turnaround will embark on its first nationally featured tour this fall. The Fall 2021 Warmth In The Rain Tour will bring the band’s magnetic energy to cities across the United States. Tour dates will include support from Haiva Ru, Stop Light Observations and Hotel Fiction. Full routing is available below.

With undeniable chemistry and innate talent, flipturn transforms live performances into fully immersive experiences that energize crowds and allow total release of inhibitions. The setlist for this tour promises all the classic flipturn classics, intertwined with fresh new songs from their full debut album due out next year. Lead singer Dillon Basse tells fans to expect a bit of everything. “We’re playing some brand new, unreleased songs on this tour, and we’re also playing a lot of our old songs because this will be our first time in most of these cities.”

Nothing is remembered when the band is playing. Along with a deep bond formed by years of friendship, the band has enough energy to shake up the captivated hall and the Bass voice evokes even the deepest emotions. Although relatively young on the stage, flipturn arrives with a lot of experience on stage and over 500,000 monthly listeners who appreciate the new, timeless lyrics. Their songs are written in an artfully understandable way that blows the storytellers of a generation of people who have never been told what to do next.

After years of making headlines in Chicago, the band sold their very first Chicago gig like a flipturn. According to Basse, “I would say what excites me the most is playing a concert in Chicago. Chicago was one of the first songs we wrote and the whole point of the song was to go out and do what you love, so it’s kind of cool that we get to experience the song in real life. Other sold-out cities include Orlando, Gainesville, Atlanta, and Dallas with low ticket warnings in several others. Over 4,000 tickets have been sold for this tour to date.


9/9 – Asheville, North Carolina
9/10 – Atlanta, Georgia
September 11 – Nashville, Tennessee
9/16 and 9/17 – Gainesville, Florida
09/22 / – Houston, Texas
23/09 – Austin, Texas

24/9 – San Antonio, Texas
25/09 – Dallas, Texas
9/28 – Phoenix, Arizona
9/29 – San Diego, California
09/30 – Santa Ana, California
1/10 – Los Angeles, California

10/2 – San Francisco, California
10/3 – Sacramento, CA
10/5 – Salt Lake City, Utah
10/7 – Cheyenne, Wyoming
10/8 – Denver, Colorado
10/9 – Fort Collins, Colorado

10/10 – Colorado Springs, CO
13/10 – Kansas City, Missouri
10/14 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
10/16 – Chicago, Illinois
10/17 – Columbus, Ohio
28/10 – Suwanee Hulaween

The turnaround call is Dillon Bass (vocals / rhythm guitar), Tristan Duncan (guitar), Madeline Jarman (bass), Mitch Fountain (synth) and Devon Vonbalson (drums). A strong male and female presence within the group fosters a sense of inclusion combined with talent.

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