How Tony Elliott can save his job after a catastrophic departure


If you had said during the preseason that the Clemson 2021 football team would have a potentially worse offensive unit than the 2010 season, you probably would have received a flashback from Tiger fans and even the national media.

And yet we are there.

Six games in the season, Clemson has statistically one of the worst offenses in the country and that’s not really debatable. The unit has yet to score more than 21 points against an FBS opponent this season and it took a double overtime in a loss to NC State.

It was the perfect storm of errors for this Clemson football attack, from poor QB play to inconsistent offensive line performance to poor WR execution, but an area that many Tiger fans have been extremely focused on. , and for good reason, is the call for play and coordination of the offense.

How Tony Elliott could save his job as Clemson’s offensive football coordinator

Dabo Swinney has given no indication that Tony Elliott is in the hot seat, but his reference to the 2010 season – when Swinney fired Billy Napier – leads us to believe that he is at least taking a closer look at all of his offensive coaches ahead of the six. last games of the season.

We understand that Elliott can’t do a wide receiver block on the outside or control DJ Uiagalelei’s accuracy on a pass, but there are things he could do to put his players in a position to succeed – and he does. There are things he should have done this offseason to turn the offense on – and he just isn’t doing them.

We continue to see a very simple offensive pattern in the name of “lowering the fundamentals”, but it just doesn’t work.

And, let’s be clear. Clemson’s conservative appeal is nothing new.

The Tigers relied far too much on conservative play calls and let the players just line up and be better than their competition. Scoring plenty of points isn’t difficult when Deshaun Watson throws at Mike Williams and Artavis Scott with Wayne Gallman in the backfield. Or, when you have Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne in the backfield with receivers like Tee Higgins or Amari Rodgers on the outside.

But, that has to change and, in my opinion, that has to change this year for Elliott to keep his job.

Elliott needs to be creative and willing to change. He needs to show that the Tigers aren’t afraid to go on the offensive and attack the defense rather than trying to take what they give him.

The offenses change and Clemson just hasn’t changed. It’s going to be difficult to adjust a pattern mid-season, but that’s exactly what’s going to have to happen.

If Clemson continues to have these kinds of failures throughout the season, Swinney will have to make some tough decisions and that may include finding an innovative mind to get back on the offense.

However, if Elliott can show that he is willing to adjust and adapt. If he can show evolution and development in this attack, then there could be hope for the future as the Tigers look beyond 2021.

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