Former Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist Reveals Being In A Rock Band Was “Hugely Suffocating”

Former Red Hot Chillies guitarist Josh Klinghoffer spoke about his 10 years performing with the rock band, saying the experience was “extremely overwhelming”.

Klinghoffer first joined the band in 2009 after guitarist John Frusciante left. However, he was later asked to leave in 2019 once Frusciante returned.

Speaking about his “perfect” decade-long run with the band “Californication,” Klinghoffer said guitar world (Going through Radio-X) that “while I love these guys and love playing with them, it was also extremely stifling creatively”.

He went on to explain, “It’s an established band with an established sound, and I’ve learned over time that it’s hard to deviate from that.

“Even though I thought they were ready for experimentation, they generally stayed in their own lane.”

The 43-year-old musician added that he would try to avoid “certain chords” in his songwriting “if they sounded like something John would play”.

“I thought I was doing a good job writing with them, but it ended up not being part of my story, or if it’s part of my story with them, it’s a small part,” Klinghoffer said.

Josh Klinghoffer (Getty Images for Global Citizen)

He described his time with the band as “a blessing and a great experience” and later worked alongside pearl jam and frontman Eddie Vedder’s solo album earthlingreleased in February of this year.

The four-piece Red Hot Chili Peppers band currently consists of Flea, Frusciante, Chad Smith and Anthony Kiedis. Their last album, The return of the dreamcatcher, is due out on October 14.

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