Former Nashville City Councilor Launches Alt-Rock Band


Nashville alternative rockers’ debut album X-Ennials releases today (October 29) with a two-part pandemic-themed album titled Insane American Tragedy. And although leader Anthony Davis has held political office in the past, he proves that “message music” doesn’t have to be judgmental or void.

Davis served as a Nashville city councilor for eight years and he poured everything he witnessed from the COVID-19 experience into the album.

“When the pandemic was raging in early to mid-2020, that stuff just started flowing and I started writing lyrics,” says Davis. “As a civil servant for eight years and a politician, I have of course taken a leaning and a narrative which is my truth. . .coupled with the loss and the tragedy that most of us were shocked by. I was very inspired by the real victims of COVID-19 in America and their personal stories. “

You may be familiar with some pandemic-inspired songs like “Level of Concern” by Twenty-One Pilots, “Do What You Can” by Bon Jovi or “Lockdown” by former heartbreaker Mike Campbell. But more of doing the Bo Burnham thing is X-Ennials, with their 10 songs Insane American Tragedy.

Unlike most of the COVID songs referenced above, which humorously telegraph this song about the pandemic, you can honestly listen to the work of the X-Ennials and just hear, well, some decent songs. X-Ennials sound like a 90s rock band, with an electro-acoustic guitar base for most of their tracks reminiscent of Tonic, The Verve Pipe and Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

They split their album into two parts – “The Horror” and “The Aftermath”. On their website, they provide something that many audiophiles would love about their favorite band: a detailed explanation of each song.

“Weightless” is a pleasantly optimistic jam to say goodbye to a partner as they pass from the virus, and “Orange Man, Strange World” is an angry tune, less than flattering from President Trump’s perspective. Listen to both below and you can dig deeper into the music of the X-ennials of the Insane American Tragedy album by discovering the group on YouTube and other streaming sites.

X-ennials, “Weightless”

X-ennials, “Orange Man, Strange World”

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