Englewood, NJ house for sale has a Rock Band stage in the living room

I’m sure I’m one of many in New Jersey constantly searching real estate sites for the best deal and praying I don’t overbid.

It becomes almost impossible to find your dream home within your budget and it is just a headache at this point.

But sometimes you come across a house where your thoughts are, “what were they thinking?”

Well, with this find, that’s exactly what I thought, but in the coolest way.

I came across this post in the “Zillow Gone Wild” Facebook group about a house in Englewood, NJ for sale with a rock band stage in the living room.

First, the house is listed at $1,299,000 – way beyond my budget, but now I’m intrigued so I went digging.

The Description of Zillow begins by calling it a “rare find”. It’s been 76 days. I don’t remember seeing a house for sale available for that long, but let’s move on.

The home is remodeled with “luxurious fixtures and finishes, the highest quality custom cabinetry, oversized floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking beautifully manicured Crystal Lake Park, a retractable awning, tiled floors and bathroom sink. Porcelanosa bath and a main bathroom with jacuzzi imported from Italy”.

House for sale in Englewood, NJ (Zillow – Eastern Realty, Inc. – Margaret Kim, Jiwon Jung)

House for sale in Englewood, NJ (Zillow – Eastern Realty, Inc. – Margaret Kim, Jiwon Jung)

Talk about fantasy!

The photos are absolutely stunning and for a minute I allowed myself to pretend that I could afford this house.

But as I scrolled down and (finally) landed on the living room photo, there she was. The glass stage, a huge TV with speakers and a Rock Band guitar on a stand.

House for sale in Englewood, NJ (Zillow – Eastern Realty, Inc. – Margaret Kim, Jiwon Jung)

House for sale in Englewood, NJ (Zillow – Eastern Realty, Inc. – Margaret Kim, Jiwon Jung)

It is the commitment. Who exactly are the owners thinking of selling to?

Now for the “Zillow gone wild“Publish.

The comments are fantastic. Aside from your typical “I wish I had over a million dollars to buy this house,” the Rock Band setup stole the show.

“Someone takes their ‘Guitar Hero’ games very seriously.”

“It makes perfect sense since this house is basically a Tom Petty song”

“If you actually tried to get a rock band on this ‘stage’…all the glass, hardwoods and low ceiling would make it sound terrible, and you’d never find it clean again after band members’ ugly shoes and meaner gear was everywhere.

“I wonder which Jersey native rock-n-roller house she belonged to…”

The owners have already dropped the price by $91,000, but get rid of the Rock Band scene and we might be able to afford the house after all (in my dreams).

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of Kristen, producer of New Jersey morning show 101.5. All opinions expressed are his own.
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