Dr. Quinton Hennigh on Puma Exploration Inc. “Something Big Here”, Great Start to New 10,000m Drill Program

First Look at Initial 2022 Drill Core – Visible Gold in Core

The first look at the 2022 drill core reveals impressive quartz veins and a breach in the core. Last year, Puma had a discovery hole of 5.55 g/t gold over 50 m.

Puma Exploration Inc. (TSX: PUMA)

Last year, Puma had a discovery hole of 5.55 g/t gold over 50 m. This year, Puma’s exploration team has extraordinary potential to take the Williams Brook gold project to major discovery status.

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NEW YORK, NY, USA, Feb. 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Puma Exploration Inc. (TSX-V: PUMA) (US ticker: PUXPF) (Frankfurt: 4P8A) receives new approval remarkable work by Dr. Quinton Hennigh. Quinton Hennigh, PhD is an exploration geologist who identified many of the best next-generation mining assets on the planet that are still in the hands of junior exploration companies today and is an advisor to Crescat Capital LLC, which took a position in PUMA.V in 2021 after its recommendation. On February 25, 2022, Dr. Quinton Hennigh provided an independent analysis and discussed his interpretation of Puma’s progress. Dr Hennigh concluded his review by stating “It’s a high quality system – there’s something big going on here”. Click on the following URL https://youtu.be/xeItsMOeqbc?t=3323 to access the ~55 min. 23 sec. mark of the video where Dr. Hennigh discusses the exciting progress being made by Puma Exploration.

Puma Exploration provided an update on its 10,000m drill program — see press release dated February 22, 2022 “Puma Exploration Provides Update on Current Drilling Program, Reports Impressive Quartz Veining and Breccia in Core” URL: https:/ /www.explorationpuma. com/en/puma-exploration-provides-update-on-current-drilling-program-reports-impressive-quartz-veining-and-breccia-in-core online. The exercise program is progressing very well and the excitement is high; to date eleven (11) holes have been completed for a total of 965 meters, 681 cores have been sent to the laboratory for gold analysis, the holes are located between 100 and 200 meters from the zone drilled in 2021. All holes intersected, over core lengths of 25 to 50 meters, the targeted auriferous horizon of quartz veins and quartz stockwork in altered sediments and rhyolite.

See https://ceo.ca/@bottomline/drquinton-hennigh-on-puma-something-big-here for a detailed overview with accompanying photos of the first drill core from Puma Exploration’s 2022 program. Extract: “Figure 1. (above) Visible gold observed in hole WB22-19 in a quartz vein in an altered sediment at the contact with the rhyolite. Source press release of February 22, 2022. In addition, hole WB22 -29 intersected a depth of 20 meters- thick continuous system of quartz veins/breccias, the thickest intersected so far at the OGT Preliminary observations suggest that the target horizon dips 30 to 40 degrees, this suitable for potential surface mining.

Information about Puma at the Williams Brook Gold Project:

Puma Exploration Inc. is a Canada-based mineral exploration company focused on advancing its Williams Brook gold property in New Brunswick, located in the same prolific geological setting as major Atlantic success stories such as Marathon Gold and Newfound Gold. Since acquiring the project in March 2020, Puma has quickly moved from pristine/basic soil (discovering abnormal sampling in the woods) to clearing, trenching and stripping to expose large tracts of a 750 m long patchwork of gold-laden rhyolitic bedrock (named the O’Neil Gold Trend) adjacent to a contact zone that extends even longer within the boundaries of its claims. Puma began a new 10,000m drill program in January 2022 in an area where surface quartz vein samples returned high grades.

2021 saw Puma focus on drilling in a single targeted area with great success, but it unearthed evidence of the potential for extraordinary success across a wide area for 2022:

In 2021, Puma drilled its first 2,360 meters (18 holes) on the project; discovery hole WB21-02, announced in September 2021, intersected 5.55 g/t Au over 50.15 meters from surface, including 9.88 g/t Au over 8.60 meters and 46.94 g/ t Au over 3.85 metres. Puma’s structural model at O’Neil Gold Trend is that of a ~N260 trending high-grade auriferous quartz vein system open on both sides and at depth. Throughout 2021, Puma’s exploration team discovered a huge area and revealed a patchwork of gold-laden rhyolitic rock 750m long with surface samples of quartz veins that returned grades high and must be drilled.

Extraordinary gold potential for the 2022 drill program(s):

The key finding from the first drill holes in 2021 was that there is a strong correlation between surface samples and core, which presents a tremendous opportunity for investors looking to be part of a story in its early stages as the continued discovery of high-grade gold veins at surface bodes well for Puma’s prospects in 2022 on the Williams Brook gold property; for example see…

● January 27, 2022 Puma Exploration reports up to 371 G/T gold in surface rock samples*,

● January 12, 2022 Puma Exploration launches its 2022 exploration program and announces up to 51.70 G/T gold in surface grab samples*,

● December 8, 2021 Puma Exploration discovers large surface quartz veins with visible gold,

● Nov. 17, 2021 Puma extends the mineralized zone with high-grade samples up to 46.8 g/t Au (discovery of 9 new gold-bearing quartz veins, described as a “swarm of quartz veins and veinlets from 1 to 5 meters thick extending 275 meters northeast of the Lynx gold zone”),

● Nov. 4, 2021 New gold zone visible,

● October 14, 2021 More high-grade gold veins with up to 199 g/t* Au from surface sampling.

Visit https://ceo.ca/@bottomline/drquinton-hennigh-on-puma-something-big-here online to view Puma’s 2022 exploration roadmap of planned activities.

Market Equity Research Group Valuation Opinion: PUMA.V currently has a nominal market capitalization of approximately C$50 million (~99.5 million shares trade at approximately C$0.50 – this figure includes the recent private placement of $5 million and the private placement of $922,000; Puma is fully funded to meet all key 2022 roadmap targets). The PUMA.V stock price is likely to appreciate from the current price as the news continues and the importance of what Puma Exploration owns is better appreciated by the market.

The following URLs have been identified for additional information on Puma Exploration:

Company Website:

– https://www.explorationpuma.com/en/

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– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6toy5qNp0Isk6t8a4VWXeQ

– https://www.facebook.com/explorationpuma/


– https://www.linkedin.com/company/puma-exploration-inc/

Recent Mining Journal articles:

– https://miningmarketwatch.net/puma.htm

– https://insidexploration.com/puma/

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