Daphne Kills Fred dominates the local rock band scene

Daphne kills Fred, of San Antonio, Texas, has already made waves in its short 2-year existence. Born in late 2020, they describe themselves as “sometimes grunge, sometimes punk, sometimes twangy, sometimes danceable, always fun and often rowdy rock band”.

Daphne Kills Fred consists of lead vocalist Morgan Clyde, whom they refer to as the “Siren of San Antonio” and “Banshee of Bexar County”, lead guitarist Peter Egly, rhythm guitarist Cristina Molina and percussionist Ben Swaner . They alternate bass players, bringing in artists from other local bands, such as Noel Torres of Beach Vein and Lexi Ortega of the Aztec Eagles.

Peter describes the band as “the proverbial platypus of bands”, like a patchwork resulting from many different influences. “Take a song like ‘Jackie’ for example,” a fan-favorite original, “the chords are pretty pop punk-ish.” Yet we add what has been described as a paramilitary introduction. Then you get two guitars doing slightly different things (early Rolling Stones, which were dubbed talking guitars), and goofy lyrics not unlike that kind of Stacy’s Mom music.

Daphne Kills Fred usually does several shows in San Antonio, Texas each month. You can follow them and their upcoming live show on their instagram and websiteand listen to their EP “With a Stiletto” and new single “Kentucky Deluxe” on Spotify.

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