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DALLAS, 17 october, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Founders of Red, White & Whiskey, singer and guitarist Remington Adriano masciarelli have been friends and creative influences on each other for almost a decade. Remington has been an accomplished professional singer, producer and songwriter for the past 20 years and business entrepreneur Adriano has played guitar in various groups in and out of the studio since the age of 15 as a secondary passion. According to the duo, they have threatened to work together musically dozens of times over the years.

Initially, the two were just indulging in a cathartic exercise of writing a song together to enjoy the camaraderie and get rid of things – according to Remington, “it felt good to have a relevant voice again and to speak from the heart “.

“At one point the song took on a life of its own and just came together,” Masciarelli said. “Then when we started sharing it with our friends and family, everyone connected to it in a special way for different reasons and it expressed how many were feeling. that we realized we could have something that spoke to people and could make a positive difference. “

“Since the liberation, many who were in the military or had relatives in the military, some who felt left behind, and many who failed to be proud of our country really supported him,” he added.

As the co-CEO of an international tech company, Masciarelli was looking for ways to contribute to the freedom and patriots movement and help save our country. Now that the song is going viral, he feels like he and his longtime friend Remington have found a natural niche to do their part.

Expect several new singles in the coming months from Red, White & Whiskey and an album to be released in early 2022, as the duo intend to continue sharing their patriotic and real message into the future.

You can stream the hit single here:

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