Cat Dail launches “Red Pill” – Glossy Retro Rock


Embellished with a tasty wall of sound erected by a brass band of some of the world’s best musicians, “Red Pill”, indie rocker Cat Dail’s new single, immerses listeners in cool retro flavors.

Produced by Grammy Award-winning Clark Gayton, who also plays saxophone, the track features Cat Dail (vocals, guitar), Shawn Pelton (drums), Andy Hess (bass), Scott Sharrard (guitar), Ben Stivers (piano) Rhodes), Barry Danielian (trumpet) and Craig Dreyer (saxophone).

Explaining the direction of the song, Cat told Rock N ‘Load, “The mission was to tell a story parallel to our current political and civic reality. He insists the listener asks “where are we going” while noting the importance of taking the “red pill” and waking up to the grim reality that our country is practically inundated with white supremacy, rampant misogyny and of a sense of division and indifference towards the world at large.

Dividing her time between New York and New Hampshire, Cat Dail began playing in renowned New York clubs with her group Distant Cousins. Since then she has performed at SXSW, her music has been featured on television and in films, while also taking on leadership roles as a community activist for food banks, libraries and the Strike Anywhere Theater Ensemble. .

The next music video for “Red Pill” will be directed by African-American director Tonya Pinkins, followed by new music expected from Cat Dail, as well as a remix album.

Infused with vague notes of Latin flavored blues-rock, “Red Pill” opens with soft waves of copper colors falling in a delicious melody topped by luxury tones of Cat, infusing the lyrics with prodigious urgency.

“History, lies and fiction, an endless loop of friction / I take the red pill, stick it in my face / I hate the human race.”

The beat of the song swaying and rippling with creamy energy, while brass accents permeate the melody of big band accents and polished textures. A big rounded bassline injects the melody with a plum rolling depth, emphasizing the bloated guitar inflections.

Beautifully arranged and layered, “Red Pill” offers lush color surfaces, compelling lyrics and the delightful voice of Cat Dail.

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