British retro rock band PSYCHLONA bring heavy desert rock grooves to their new single “1975”

The British band’s new single Psycholone evokes 70s grooves for their latest single “1975” on their third album Palo Green. It’s also the band’s first record with the up-and-coming Las Vegas label. Psycho Waxx. Promising to deliver jams that will help you “launch deep into space” as you fall under PsycholoneThe musical spell of which, we’re told, can induce the very groovy state of mind known by devoted psychonauts as “cosmic psychosis.” What else would you expect from a band that sonically delved into a decade where rockers were gods creating jams that transcended time and space. For “1975” Psycholone brings their mystical take on rock’s decade of decadence with cutting edge guitars and desert rock essentials.

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We’ve got the “1975” stream for you right here, so prepare to be tossed into the atmosphere via PsycholoneThe rolling thunder vibes on full display with their latest single. The music video for “1975”, directed by sam drakewill also give you feel-good vibes in space. Pre-orders for the special colored vinyl variant “Galaxy” are in progress now and are limited to 700 copies.

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