Blues-rock band Until The Sun will release a new live album “A Night At The Rhythm Room”

Until the Sun – A Night in the Rhythm Room

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ASHEVILLE, North Carolina, USA, May 18, 2022 / — Rocking Blues band Until The Sun’s new live album, “A Night at the Rhythm Room”, was recorded on January 13, 2022 at the historic blues hall. The Rhythm Room, one of the last remaining old school blues clubs in the country, proved a fantastic stage to record the show.

Until the sun recorded ten songs consisting mostly of new material. The album has two covers, the Etta James classic, “At Last”, and the Led Zeppelin track, “Whole Lotta Love”. Until The Sun played the slow blues song, “Burning Home”, first released from his second album, “Drowning in Blue”. All other songs are new originals.

The band gave a hard-hitting soulful performance that all members were pleased with. Larry Elyea of ​​Minds Eye Studio recorded and engineered the show and the album was mixed and mastered at Minds Eye Studio. The show was filmed and recorded and the video will be posted on YouTube when the album is released.

Until the Sun features Brandon Teskey on lead guitar, Bruce Jensen on bass, Chris Tex on drums, and Alyssa Swartz on vocals.

Says Brandon, “The show that was filmed almost didn’t happen. There were dozens of factors working against us. Until a few days ago, we didn’t know if the recording would actually take place, while all this time we were training harder than ever. I was almost in disbelief when it happened. But the show that was captured turned out very well. The album is mostly new material and I think it’s the best thing we’ve done. It’s a great snapshot of our live sound. We wanted a live album with mostly new material, like Hendrix did with the Band of Gypsys. Something that stood on its own as a work piece instead of a live version of previously released songs. All in all, I think it’s the best material we’ve ever released.

Chris adds, “Playing in the Rhythm Room during the COVID pandemic was a once-in-a-lifetime event, as well as energizing since music has been therapy for so many during these trying times. I was impressed with the sound quality and the energy we captured in our live show! I feel like the recording certainly captured our raw, powerful blues rock sound!

Alyssa concludes, “My favorite thing in the world is performing in front of a live audience. It was so exciting to play with all our hearts for everyone who came out!”

Until the sun was formed in 2017. Their music often includes and fuses elements of blues, alternative rock, Pink-Floyd-like psychedelia and jazz. Until the Sun quickly began playing national shows, opened up to famous blues and rock artists, and performed at world-renowned venues.

Until the sun released their debut album ‘Blackheart’ in 2019 and completed their second album ‘Drowning in Blue’ in 2021. Brandon, Bruce, Chris and Alyssa all poured their hearts and souls into fighting for this which was previously levels of musicianship, songwriting, tone, performance and reaching new levels of professionalism which continue to develop.

“Until the Sun are as subversive a band as they come. While embracing traditional blues playing styles, the band add aspects of alternative rock, psychedelia and jazz to the mix. – Buzz Music

“An honest take on that big southern trend killer that’s deep in the delta and strong at the crossroads, Until the Sun turns that with a modern twist into a style all its own with a raucous, gritty track that requires several listens just to absorb it all.” -Ryan Martin, Jammerzine.

“Until the Sun Releases Stellar Debut Record” – Andrew Daly, Vinyl Writer

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