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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 5 will represent one of the latest new waves of content for Treyarch’s FPS title. Here’s everything we know about its potential start date, Season 4 end date, and new weapons and maps.

As you might expect, Cold War Season 4 turned out to be a pretty heavy update, adding all kinds of new gear to the game. In addition to new destructive weapons like the MG 82 LMG and the Rifle Rifle. ‘Assault C58, we also got the new Ground Fall event and even a new overpowered Scorestreak.

Things are still evolving, so we’ll take a look at the likely end date of Black Ops Cold War Season 4 and the start of Season 5.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 4 end date

As with each new season of Call of Duty, there is a new Battle Pass to give us the information we need to determine when the season ends.

The Battle Pass for Season 4 expires on August 11. This means players will have until then to maximize their pass before Season 5 begins.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 5 start date

Cold war jackal in action

CoD never has a really significant downtime between seasons, and the transition between Cold War Season 4 and Season 5 shouldn’t be any different.

We have officially learned that Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 5 will begin on August 12, 2021.

All the key details have yet to be revealed regarding the next chapter in ’80s Call of Duty history, and they are sure to be interesting.

Black Ops Cold War Season 5 New Weapons and Leak

shooting player MG 82 LMG

Each new season of Call of Duty typically introduces a bunch of new weapons that players can unlock and use in Black Ops Cold War.

In addition to the aforementioned MG 82 and C58, Season 4 also hosted the Nail Gun, SMG OTs, and the upcoming Mace. There’s no official word yet on what new weapons we’ll see in Season 5, but a leak has potentially revealed the identity of a new one.

Thanks to the dataminer Nanikos, key artwork for the upcoming fifth season has been leaked ahead of time, and the image reveals a new wielding operator, which looks like Akimbo TEC-9 pistols. A fast SMG like the Bullfrog or the PPSh-41, the TEC-9 would be another stellar addition to the Cold War SMG category.

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CoD: Cold War Season 5 new maps and leak

map hijacked during the cold war

The highlight of CoD: Cold War Season 5’s new map selections has to be the return of Hijacked. The exotic cruise ship has returned to house more tense skirmishes on its expensive decks.

In addition to Hijacked, Cold War Season 4 also added Collateral Strike as a new 6v6 map, Amsterdam for 2v2 and 3v3, and “Rush” is planned in season.

With the recent Season 5 leak in mind, it looks like players may have another remake to look forward to. In addition to the Black Ops I summit map shown in a new outbreak area called the “Weather Station,” they say Summit will return as an individual 6v6 map.

There will likely be other new map content as well, so we’ll update this section when we know more.

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New Operators and Theme for Cold War Season 5

jackal operator in the cold war

Season 5 almost certainly continues the story told so far in Cold War and Warzone. We have traveled to various parts of the world following the exploits of Stitch, Adler and more recently Jackal.

If the leak rumor is anything to go by, then Season 5 may be about to explore even more uncharted territory. The leaked image shows a new operator called “Kitsune. ”

It will represent a Japanese approach to season 5 and could be joined by two other operators, Kingsley and Surge, although their names may change before launch.

Cold War Season 5 Zombies and New Perks

cold war mule kick advantage

We’ve already explained that Outbreak is looking to expand its range of areas to explore, and that might not be all we’ll get in Season 5.

There doesn’t seem to be anything quite as substantial as the Mauer Der Toten Zombies map that arrived in Season 4, but some new perks could be coming in.

Mule Kick was the only addition to Season 4, but Season 5 could add two more if Nanikos’ leak is to be believed.

DOCTORATE and Type twice could both be ready for their Black Ops Cold War debut.

PHD protects the player from any damage or self-inflicted actions and can cause explosions when jumping from a reasonable height.

While Double Tap is a classic Call of Duty perk that allows you to fire your guns faster and perform certain actions much faster. Both should be a great addition to the game and allow players even more freedom to play the game and complete the Easter Eggs.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to report whatever Black Ops Cold War Season 4 has in store, and we’ll be the first to break any Cold War Season 5 news here at Charlie INTEL.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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