black am Blends Rock Guitar W/ House In His New Tune Please Don’t Go

black am – Please don’t go.

It’s not often that we see producers trying to change things when it comes to the world of house music, but once in a while we find someone who does. Today, I present to you one of these artists, who is called I’m black I’m black recently unveiled their unique blend of modern, edgy house vibes and rock-heavy electric guitars. He managed to do that with his latest track, ‘please don’t go‘. If you like vibey-house music, or maybe guitar-using artists like San Holo or Illenium, then you’re going to want to listen to black am’s “Please Don’t Go.”

The new vibe best represents the very essence of what black am brings to the electronic music scene: infectious house music with naturally woven live guitar components.

Groovy G-house-inspired basslines punch out and instantly infuse excitement into the air, acting as the first layer that other upcoming verses will soon build on. Soft pads and atmospheres creep in and transfer the vibe of the present to a cooler, more introspective stance. It’s here that I’m black. lets out the first batch of guitar licks – the moment when the realms of rock and electronic collide. The dichotomy of the changing framing of the sound being a highlight of the track: upbeat enough for the club, but also illustrating the depth and introspection delivered by the instrumental execution.

When asked about ‘Please don’t go’, I’m black had this to say:

“I dug deeper than ever in ‘Please Don’t Go’. I wanted to address mental health through this song. ‘Please don’t go’ is a plea, asking someone to stay, despite the problems that may arise during the relationship.

This quote alone speaks of the multitudes at the different layers of I’m black “Please don’t go”. If you haven’t listened to the melody yet, I highly recommend that you do. With a total duration of 3h36, it’s fun. If you like rock-infused house music, this is a track you don’t want to miss. That said, ‘Please Don’t Go’ is now available iamrecords and can be streamed below, enjoy!

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