Bis! Syracuse gets another Grom start?

Central New York baseball fans had a treat Thursday night as two-time National League Cy Young Award winner Jacob deGrom walked the mound for the Syracuse Mets at NBT Bank Stadium.

Entering rehab as he battles a strain that kept him out of the big league field for the entire first half of the season, the 34-year-old pitcher threw an impressive four innings, striking out four and bringing back two. shots and a run. He also recorded triple figures on his fastball a few times.

It was everything Mets fans wanted — no injuries, no set-ups despite going full throttle.

Barring any setbacks, the New York Mets hope to activate deGrom soon. According to an MLB insider, that could happen when the Mets host their Crosstown rivals at Citi Field later this month (July 26-27), making way for another test beforehand.

St. Louis Cardinals vs. New York Mets

Jacob de Grom, Getty Images

However, the bridge to what would be his debut in the 2022 season may take the form of a mock departure, not another “rehab mission”. While it’s possible that Buck Showalter will ask deGrom to re-initiate an extended departure with Triple-A affiliate Syracuse, it’s likely more likely that his final assessment before returning to the big boys will come in a controlled setting, not a LIVE game, something Insider Jon Morosi discussed on MLB Network Thursday:

… would probably be a mock frame coming here around the All-Star break at some point, just to make sure he’s stretched a bit more innings-wise. So maybe next week he will have this kind of pseudo-rehab start. And then, I love it: among the possibilities for Jacob deGrom’s first start of the season, I mean honestly, it’s at Citi Field, against, yes, the New York Yankees in a Subway Series game at the end of this month. So again, the last week of July, there are two Subway Series games at Citi Field, Yankees at Mets. I think we’re probably going to pay some attention to this series, and Jacob deGrom might be on the mound.

A shoulder stress reaction suffered during his last preseason outing this spring left the Mets without deGrom’s usually dominant arm. Despite his absence, the Mets took a 10.5-game lead in the NL East Division, but their advantage has since been reduced to 2.5 games (come into action Friday).

Max Scherzer, another pitcher with plenty of Cy Young material, is now back with the MLB club, but also made a pit stop in upstate New York before returning from injury this season.

His rehab mission came with the Double-A Binghamton Rumble Ponies earlier this month.

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