Bangalore Rock Band The Puncher Shop Trudge A Spooky Path on ‘The Specter’ –


Bangalore-based rock band The Puncher Shop. Photo: courtesy of the artist

Formed in 2019 in Bangalore, The Puncher Shop’s debut album, “The Specter,” sees them dig into a big riff and jam to it for 10 minutes, scaling high stoner-rock as well as languid sonic valleys.

Comprised of guitarist-singer Sharjes Mohammed, backing vocalist and guitarist Anirban Das and drummer Gowri, “The Specter” premiered during their first rehearsal together. Bearing the imprint of everything from Black Sabbath to Nirvana, there is a sinister creeping throughout the song, even though Sharjes’ voice carries an American accent. Gowri bides his time behind the kit at several points, but arrives locked and loaded to accommodate the double guitar riff.

While they’re keen to stress that they went against the grain in releasing a one-track saga, “The Specter” is also rooted in a psychologically compelling story. The group said in a statement: “The lyrics to ‘The Specter’ were inspired by feelings of helplessness, guilt and revenge. It tells the story of a murdered soul and murderer, and the ultimate understanding of not being able to escape a crime that has been committed – violence leads to more violence. They also offer another explanation for the eponymous specter being that of the guilty thoughts that plague a person. “We also wanted the artwork to match the spectral theme of the song. The deep autumn woods and the desolate cabin have a connection to the lyrics, and the image itself is a reflection on the surface of a lake that has been turned over – essentially making the final image a “specter” of the original. There are clues in the image that reveal his true condition, ”the group added in their statement.

While a demo version of “The Specter” has been around since late 2019, the song was produced by Mumbai-based Chinmay Agharkar aka GrooveBot (of prog / fusion band Paradigm Shift and rock band Hook). For their part, The Puncher Shop has also chipped away at more songs and intends to release a full album soon.

Listen to “The Specter” below. Stream to more platforms here.

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