All Access Music Alt-Rock group JUNRO sets fire to a new EP, “Matches”. Reveal the top 5 musical influences.

The New England threesome rock band Junro released their latest EP, matches which follows their first album, From hell which dropped in 2019. Including previous singles, “Stay Here Now” and “Matches” come with three additional tracks to complete the impressive project that the band’s fans have been waiting for. Combining theirvaried musical backgroundsDavid, Dan and Mast created a perfect ode to the alternative/progressive/rock sound they were influenced by while injecting a strong sense of personality and originality into the EP.

The band dive deeper into the influences that helped inspire their 2022 project – exclusively with All access.

EP work for Junroit is matches


[MATT]: Chon is an amazing band with a lot of talent. As a vocalist and drummer, I couldn’t get much out of vocals of course. Although I can only play a fraction of what he can play, I would constantly loop their records for inspiration and just for fun. There is no specific recording that comes to mind, I would loop them all.


[DAN] It’s not exactly a secret that Biffy Clyro has a great influence on Junroinstrumental sound. Something that Biffy does very well is to portray a very melodic layout with huge choruses and dynamic verses, which is a feat in itself with only 3 band members. This is something we strive to accomplish with Junro as a group of 3 musicians. A good example is the Biffy Clyro track “North of No South” from their 2020 album A celebration of endings. We tried to capture a lot of the elements we loved from that track in our new single “Stay Here Now”.


[DAN]: As prog rock fans, part of our goal is to incorporate rhythmic complexity as an ode to the genre without being too on the nose. Tonally, Aaron MarshallThe Intervals group of is almost unmatched especially with Jacob Umanskypunchy, driven bass sound. Without having a 2nd guitarist in the band, the bass sound in Junro should play a big role. Not only should it cover the low frequency range, but it should also complement the guitar’s high-mid range to facilitate an important overall sound in the mix. When dialing in the bass tones for the new Junro Material, Jacob Umaskybass sound on the 2020 In intervals album CIRCADIAN offered more than an adequate model for what we needed.


[DAVE]: Every two years, I make it a point to visit The black parade and really try to enjoy the production, writing and planning of this record. As a teenager, this album is probably even more formative for me than I know on a conscious level. It completely changed my view of what a band could do with a release and there are hooks that constantly live in my brain. We specifically leaned into the cinematic nature of their songs and tried to emulate the quiet, piano-driven nature of some of their bridges at the end of “Analog.”


[DAVE]: I think we wear some of our math rock influences on our sleeve a bit but I really like the direction Tiny moving parts merged math rock, pop rock, emo and punk. Technical ability combined with incredibly catchy phrasing only create serious earworms without ever speaking to the listener. We do our best to try to juggle those same priorities for ourselves and for our audience. Whether we perform as well is certainly up for debate.

Congratulations to the guys at Junro on the Fire release of the latest EP, matches. Be sure to follow their journey through the following links below:

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