A superstar rock band that never lets go of its ideals



Looking back, it’s hard to overstate the impact of Coldplay’s debut album. Skydiving a little over two decades ago. The release achieved almost immediate worldwide success and virtually ushered in a new era of alternative rock music.

Moving away from the grunge and Brit Pop-focused bands, Coldplay opened the doors to a more subtle and mellow rock sound of the new millennium, accompanied by piano, and complemented by the piercing voice of Chris Martin on tracks like “Yellow “and later” The Scientist. ”

The group’s enduring success over the years has always been due to their innovation, moving through heavier rock, incorporating EDM and hip hop influences on later albums like 2011. Mylo Xyloto which also included a duet with Rihanna.

The group was able to be experimental with their sound and incorporate modern signifiers (their next album due out in October has several song names that are just emojis) while maintaining their position as an epic and reliable actor in a stage with crowd-pleasing singles like “Viva La Vida” and emotional songs like “Fix You” in their repertoire.

From the start of their musical success until now, Coldplay has never shied away from using their platform to go beyond music, bringing their support and talent to a myriad of social and political causes.

From joining Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign in 2002, to choosing not to tour in 2019 until they know how to do it in a carbon neutral way, they have kept their ideals at the heart of decision-making. In 2003, Martin wrote about their motivation to promote fair trade: “If a few people were a little less greedy, the people down there would have a lot more.

Coldplay has also appeared in numerous benefit concerts, including Hope for Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake and One Love Manchester, held in 2017 following the Manchester bombings in the UK, and even wrote a song for the victims of the hurricane in Texas in 2017 – they have always stood up for people and places in need of support.

It’s no surprise, then, that Coldplay has often demonstrated its support for and collaborated with Global Citizen, regularly participating in initiatives to spur action and make a difference in the fight to end extreme poverty. in the world, as well as entertaining the crowds. at Global Citizen concerts. Singer Martin has also served as Global Citizen’s International Festivals Commissioner, helping to rally support from some of the world’s greatest artists on the mission to meet the UN’s global goals to end extreme poverty.

Over the years, Coldplay has been a part of so many memorable moments in Global Citizen. They performed at the Global Citizen Festivals in New York in 2015, Mumbai in 2016 and Hamburg in 2017 – the latter including a superb duet on stage with Shakira. Another amazing collaboration took place at the Global Citizen Prize, in December 2019 in London, where Chris Martin took the stage with Stormzy to perform the grime artist’s hit “Crown”.

The group has also really intensified during the COVID-19 crisis. Famously, Martin’s impromptu decision to perform a concert live from his home on Instagram to encourage people to be safe and stay at home during the onset of the pandemic has turned into the Instagram concert series ” Together at Home ”, launched in partnership with Global Citizen and the World Health Organization.

From that point on, dozens of new artists joined us and Global Citizen began hosting and promoting shows to help amplify important health and safety messages, bring people together from the world. whole and take action to seek more funding for the WHO and its COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

At the heart of those home performances was the message that everyone must come together to do their part to end the pandemic and support frontline workers. It is a message that later became the key to One world: together at home, an 8-hour TV and digital special in April 2020. A total of $ 127.9 million was raised by the show to support the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, as well as local and regional responders.

Later in June 2020, Coldplay also got involved with Global Citizen and the European Commission Global goal: unite for our future campaign and concert, calling for equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines and treatments for all. In addition to performing on the globally televised and digitally streaming special, the group also made a personal appeal on Twitter to Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to support the campaign, garnering a swift positive response.

Now, as live music begins to make a comeback, the band will be back where they used to be: in the spotlight in front of a huge crowd (vaccinated, tested and masked), taking the stage in Central Park, New York, September 25 for Citizen of the World Live.

The 24-hour global broadcast of live events and programs from around the world is part of a global campaign of action to defend the planet against the climate crisis, end poverty and promote equity in vaccines. You can find out more about Citizen of the World Live worldwide here, and go here to learn more about the New York event here. For more information on COVID-19 protocols and how we keep people safe, click here.

We can’t wait to be back in Central Park in New York with our favorite bands and artists, and a host of Global Citizens – and we’re sure the ever-evolving Coldplay will bring its mix of music and activism to the scene. unique event. show of a generation. Head here to join Coldplay and take action to help stop the climate crisis.

You can find out all about Global Citizen Live events and worldwide broadcasting, as well as how you can get involved in supporting the Campaign to Defend the Planet and End Poverty here.

You can join the Global Citizen Live campaign to end poverty and defend the planet by taking action here, and be part of a movement led by citizens around the world who are taking action with governments, businesses and philanthropists to make a difference. .


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