28 Disney Characters Who Start With O

There are thousands of Disney characters out there, and while you’ll struggle to think of any that start with O other than everyone’s favorite snowman Olaf, there are actually quite a few.

During a Disney cruise, you will have the chance to meet many Disney characters and Marvel superheroes. Will there be a start with O? Let’s see who to contact.

Here’s a complete list of Disney characters whose names start with O, in alphabetical order…

Disney characters starting with the letter O

idiot guard Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Oafish Guard appear alongside the Brutish Guard as Judge Claude Frollo’s most trusted guards in the 1996 Disney animated feature, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The Oafish Guard is knocked out by Phoebus at the Battle of Notre Dame, where they and Frollo’s other soldiers fight the people of Paris and the French army.

Oak from Frozen / Frozen II

Oaken is a Disney character that begins with O and is the proud owner of Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna in Disney’s hit animated Frozen. The sudden snowstorm triggered by Queen Elsa has left him with too many summer items which he is keen to promote to Anna and Sven who arrive at the store looking for winter clothes.

Obby From Atlantis: Milo’s Return

Obby is an adorable obidalbedsugs (aka lavadog) in this direct-to-video sequel to Atlantis. He is a faithful companion of Milo Thatch and Kida Nedakh. After Kida restores Atlantis to its former glory using the Heart of Atlantis, Obby accompanies Kida as she embarks on a journey to visit Milo.

Officer Higgins by Zootopia

Officer Higgins is a male hippo and a member of the Zootopia Police Department in the Disney movie Zootopia. There are actually two roughly identical hippo police officers called Officer Higgins. One wears a “Higgins” name badge and is Chief Bogo’s assistant. The other is a field agent who goes in search of missing mammals in Tundratown.

old jammer by Aircraft: Fire and Rescue

Ol’ Jammer is a Disney character starting with O in Planes 2: Fire & Rescue. He has been a loyal and trusted tour bus at Piston Peak for 72 years and knows every trail, stream, rock and tree, and is eager to share this vast knowledge with visitors. He becomes superintendent when the Secretary of the Interior fires Cad Spinner.

Olaf from Frozen / Frozen II

Olaf is a living snowman created by Elsa. He has an inexplicable love for all things summer. Anna meets Olaf while searching for Elsa and recognizes him as the snowman her sister made when they were young. He joins Anna on her quest to find Elsa and restore the summer, becoming strong friends along the way.

old arturo from Encanto

Old Arturo is a minor character in Disney’s musical feature Encanto. He is one of the townspeople living in the village with the Madrigal family. Old Arturo comes to the Casita the day after it collapses, looking to make sure the magic doesn’t fade.

old heretic Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Old Prisoner or Old Heretic is a minor character starting with O in Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He is an elderly man who appears as a running gag in the film. He goes on to be accidentally released from prison and cheers with joy, before inadvertently ending up getting trapped in another prison.

old timer from Toy Story of Terror / Toy Story 4

Old Timer is a character from the 2013 Halloween special Toy Story of Terror. Old Timer is a toy alarm clock with a white mustache and beard who was one of the toys stolen by Ron.

While held captive, the toys use it to track how long their operations are taking and estimate how much time they have left.

Olivier of Olivier & Company

Oliver is a cute, kind and caring kitten who finds himself living on the streets in the movie Oliver and Company. Oliver meets Dodger on the street and becomes part of Fagin’s gang. A young girl called Jenny finds and helps Oliver but she ends up getting caught up in Fagin’s world so Oliver has to help her and her friends.

Olivia Farmer from The Fox and the Dog 2

Olivia Farmer is one of the lesser known Disney characters starting with O, she appears in the movie sequel The Fox and the Hound 2. In the movie, she accompanies Winchell P. Bickerstaff to help him on his quest to find talented artists at the fair. .

Olivia Flaverham from The Great Mouse Detective

Olivia Flaversham is one of the main characters in The Great Mouse Detective. She is the daughter of a talented toymaker who was kidnapped by Professor Ratigan. Olivia goes in search of Basil, the great mouse detective, to help her find her father. He agrees to this as Ratigan is his nemesis.

Ollie from the house on the beach

Ollie is a pig who lives on the Little Patch of Heaven farm in Home on the Range. He’s cheerful and always tries to find the bright side of things, even when it’s hard to find.

When the cows go missing, some animals think they’ve abandoned them but Ollie reminds them that cows wouldn’t do that.

Burden treasure planet

Onus is one of the least famous Disney characters that begins with the letter O. He is part of the crew of John Silver’s pirate ship heading to Treasure Planet. Thanks to the fact that he has several eyes, he is perfectly equipped for his role as a lookout even if he often predicts that bad things will happen.

Oppenheimer by The Pirate Fairy

Oppenheimer is a Disney character beginning with O who appears in the Disney movie The Pirate Fairy.

In The Pirate Fairy, he was the cook for Captain James Hook’s crew. He traps the fairies under a crate and when they try to escape, he places a sack of flour on top of them to prevent them from leaving.

Oracle from Aladdin and the King of Thieves

The Oracle is a supporting character in Disney’s 1996 sequel Aladdin and the King of Thieves. She is an all-knowing spirit inside a mysterious staff, who is able to answer any question.

The Oracle is bound by one rule: each person can ask it a single question and get an answer. The Oracle cannot answer another question from the same person.

Orddu black cauldron

Orddu is one of a trio of witches in The Black Cauldron. They are all Disney characters who start with O and always do great business to get the power.

They sold the Black Cauldron to get Taran’s magic sword. They later agree to take back the broken cauldron in exchange for restoring Gurgi’s life.

orgoch black cauldron

Orgoch is one of the three witches of the Black Cauldron. They always do business to increase their power.

They sold the Black Cauldron in exchange for Taran’s magic sword. They later take back the broken cauldron in exchange for restoring the life of Gurgi who had died trying to destroy the cauldron.

Orville by The Rescuers

Orville is a seagull pilot who appears in the animated adventure The Rescuers. He takes Bernard and Miss Bianca to the Devil’s Bayou to find and save Penny.

Unfortunately, he crashes on arrival at the Bayou and then struggles to leave since he can only take off by jumping from a great height.

Orwen black cauldron

Orwen is the third of the witches in The Black Cauldron, all of whom make this list of Disney characters beginning with O. They crave power and will do anything to increase their power, including trading the Black Cauldron for Taran’s magic sword and raise the dead. to retrieve it later.

Osvaldo from Encanto

Osvaldo is one of the newer Disney character names that begin with O. He is a kind villager who is friendly with the Madrigal family and is always happy to help them. He gives Mirabel a gift as she doesn’t have a gift and asks her to wish Antonio good luck at her gift-giving ceremony.

Otis from Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure

Otis is a neglected Chinese Crested dog from the 2001 Disney film Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure. Otis is one of the dogs at the pound when the Dogcatcher puts Scamp in the kennel with Reggie. When Tramp, Scamp, and Angel leave the pound, Otis yells at them to come back and set him free. They don’t.

Otis of Cars 2

Otis is a Disney Pixar character that begins with O who arrived in Radiator Springs some time before the events of Cars 2. In the film, he is broken down on the road when Mater comes to save him. Mater speeds up to see Lightning McQueen, forgetting he’s towing Otis and sending sparks flying.

Otters from Finding Dory

Otters are characters from the movie Finding Dory. These are sea otters that live at the Marine Life Institute.

None of them have spoken dialogue but they are able to cuddle to make humans coo and stop traffic. This is used as a plan to save Nemo and Marlin who are inside a truck.

Otto by Robin Hood

Otto is a Disney character who begins with O in the 1973 Disney animated film Robin Hood. He is a hunting dog who is the village blacksmith, but he suffered an accident and has his leg in plaster. Like the other common people of Nottingham, he loves Robin Hood and is loyal to King Richard.

Owl sleeping beauty

Owl is one of the forest animals supporting characters in Disney’s 1959 film Sleeping Beauty. Aurora seems to be the only human able to communicate with them. She sings to wake them up and they flock to her. Owl nearly falls out of a tree when he wakes up but Aurora saves him with her basket.

Owl from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh / The Great Pooh Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin / Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving / The Tigger Movie / The Big Piglet Movie / Winnie the Pooh

Owl is one of the characters that appear in many Winnie the Pooh movies. He is one of Christopher Robin’s dearest friends and acts as his eyes and ears in the Hundred Acre Wood and his ability to fly helps him solve problems. He’s a typical wise old owl character, but the wisdom he shares is often questionable.

Owl friend by Bambi / Bambi II

Friend Owl or Owl Friend is a supporting character in Disney’s 1942 animated feature film, Bambi. He is a forest owl known to all the locals and very close to the royal family (Bambi’s family). He dislikes spring because animals and birds tend to get “twittered”, which is his nickname for falling in love.

So this is it. If you need an O character for a costume party, you’ll be spoiled for choice! Here is a recap of them all for you…

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