• Bangalore Rock Band The Puncher Shop Trudge A Spooky Path on ‘The Specter’ –

    Bangalore-based rock band The Puncher Shop. Photo: courtesy of the artist Formed in 2019 in Bangalore, The Puncher Shop’s debut album, “The Specter,” sees them dig into a big riff and jam to it for 10 minutes, scaling high stoner-rock as well as languid sonic valleys. Comprised of guitarist-singer Sharjes Mohammed, backing vocalist and guitarist […]

  • Richard Thompson isn’t just a baby boomer folk-rock guitar god

    I first discovered Richard Thompson’s music a few years ago, shortly after my daughter was born, and had left my beloved Brooklyn – and my band, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. – for a new life with my family in Princeton, New Jersey. One afternoon my mom came over and heard me play […]

  • Paul Stanley says Jimi Hendrix was “arguably the greatest rock guitar player”

    In a new interview with Germany Rolling stone, TO KISS leader Paul Stanley He was asked what he thought of the fact that rock and roll music – a genre rooted in black traditions, and many of the early stars of which were black – came to be understood as the natural province of whites, […]

  • Black Ops Cold War Player Kills Players With Rock Band Instrument

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 5 will represent one of the latest new waves of content for Treyarch’s FPS title. Here’s everything we know about its potential start date, Season 4 end date, and new weapons and maps. As you might expect, Cold War Season 4 turned out to be a pretty […]